WeView: Strider

Strider was part of PlayStation Plus’ instant game collection recently, so it comes as no surprise that it’s top of this week’s WeView poll.

Strider is a side-scrolling platform game in which you play as an assassin named Hiryu. As the youngest ever graduate of the Strider organisation your mission is to assassinate Grandmaster Meio and to bring an end to his oppressive regime.


Personally I didn’t have much luck with Strider; it’s really not my type of game. I found the game incredibly difficult and got stuck early on, eventually leading to me deleting the game. However, if Strider gets a positive WeView reception I’ll be sure to give it another go.

Peter reviewed the game for TSA scoring it 7/10. He said that despite starting “with a limited move-set, the difficulty of the foes you face are measured against this”, meaning it’s not overly difficult to begin with (for some at least!). New abilities are then rolled out at a “pace considerate to the repetitive nature of the action” with enemies becoming increasingly tougher requiring you “to vary your attacks accordingly”. The only difficulty spike Peter encountered was during the end sequence, but he admitted he “should have explored a little more” before facing the final stage.

He also called Strider was “a great looking game too”, saying the “brightly coloured attacks and the more sparsely graduated shading of the resulting smoke create an interesting art style”.

Of course the game wasn’t without a few flaws. Peter slated the unskippable cutscenes as “clumsy, basic and poorly voiced”, and the character animations as “a little rough around the edges”. In addition he said the “user interface is not particularly successful at marrying the arcade simplicity and large-text stylings from its arcade influences to the bold outlines and drawn-backgrounds of its Manga influences”.

Peter concluded:

Strider is an enjoyable game but it’s not one that particularly stands out against others of its type. It is cleverly designed, as this style of game must be, but not so much that it earns the right to sit alongside the genre’s ageing greats like Symphony of the Night and it’s not quite up to the complex replayability of modern classics like Shadow Complex. It’s a decent game that generally looks very nice and will while away a few hours, but you won’t be rushing to tell your friends about it and you might not want to return after completing it.

What did you think of Strider? Let us know in the comments below, and give the game either a Buy It, Sale It, Plus It or Avoid It rating. Be sure to get your comments in by Sunday evening to be in with a chance of being included in next Monday’s verdict article.

We forgot to embed the poll properly in yesterday’s verdict article, so you can vote here instead.



  1. I’ve just started playing the game. Beaten the first snake boss. Looks very nice on the PS4. The smoke is done really great and the overall ‘comic like’ art style is just perfect for such a game. Plus It.

  2. The game doesn’t really bother with a story, it’s just stop the big baddie emperor who looks like the one from Star Wars. Which is shame because when Capcom did Bionic Commando Rearmed, the small amount of story and humour made it infinitely more entertaining.
    That being said the gameplay and bosses are quite good, soundtrack is OK, although once again the aforementioned BC:Rearmed is far better here.
    So don’t expect anything that blows your mind, but certainly worth considering picking up in a SALE.
    If you don’t already have it on PS+.
    It was quite a fun game to plat, with the speed run being fairly challenging but overall the game is not particularly memorable.

  3. Is it really a side scrolling shooter.
    I found it to be More of a constant running game.
    Yet another unwelcome addition to my plus content. Again nothing that is going to get the Ps4 to warm up.
    Best suited to an android tablet.
    Bin it.and stop throwing second rate crap at me every month.

  4. I’m on my second attempt at playing this since it came free with plus and while it’s not terrible, it is a bit on the bland side. The environment became repetitive as you would cross back and forth the same areas in between bosses (maybe they were different areas but they looked exactly the same to me).
    The jumping at times is far too twitchy to navigate some of the platforms, especially the narrow platforms where you have to flip up onto them to take out an enemy and also the moving platforms.
    I’ve reached the flying boss after the two girl bosses(together) but it’s more likely i’ll delete it before returning for a third attempt.
    Plus it.

  5. Got this on Plus and has a couple of goes. Not impressed, it felt bland and repetitive. Nothing grabbed me to make me persevere.

    Avoid it.

  6. I am getting the distinct feeling from comments on this article that not many here played the original (perhaps not old enough, like me?).

    For me it’s a faithful recreation encompassing some of the things that made the original so good & tarting a few things up so that its suitable for a current gen release (although with the deluge of pixelly games since the PS4’s release, they probably needn’t have bothered!).

    It looks nice & plays how you (or I at least) would expect it to.

    Plus it.

    (I have to ask though, why would anyone ever give a rating of Buy it or Sale it if it has appeared on Plus? Perhaps plus games should just have Plus or Avoid as options?)

    • I remember dodging shady characters to enter the arcade at a snooker Hall in Belfast on a regular basis and this was one of the standout games of its time along with Rygar, Shinobi, Packard, Bubble Bobble etc.

      I thought the remake was great and I scored the platinum on it in short order. The suggestion above that it would suit a tablet is ludicrous considering the control scheme. Sure it may have felt a bit repetitive but that is a core mechanic of all Metrovania style games.. Enhance powers, revisit areas.

      It’s not for all but it was nice to see a game of my yesteryear lovingly rebuilt. I hope they make a sequel. I bet some of the people here would say Resogun is great and not at all repetitive while Strider is… People use Repetitive as a critical term when they don’t like doing something :)

      I also remember reaching up to grab the joysticks on a Defender cabinet too which is why I also love the repetitive mechanics in Resogun 30 yers later.

      Repetitive isn’t always a negative I. E. breathing, heartbeats and we’ll most sexual activity woohoo!

      I just mentioned Strider, Defender, Resogun and Sex all in one post. There should be a trophy for that. RAMBLING GIT silver perhaps…

      I’m off, back to the shadows :O

      • Damn keyboard PACLAND not Packard. Autocorrect stuck in 90’s mode. :)

  7. The original arcade game is one of my all time favourite games, I played it to death in the arcades and when it came out on the Sega Megadrive, I bought it and played it to death on there, so I was really looking forward to this remake.

    But for some reason, it just didn’t gel with me. Maybe its just that time has moved on, all the ingredients seemed to be there, but for some reason it didn’t hook me in and I gave up with it quite early on. I’ve got it installed on the PS4, so maybe Ill go back to it one day..

    Plus it. Mostly because even as a fan of the original, you don’t know if you’ll like it until you play it.

  8. Avoid from me.I got bored early on and Then got stuck as I found it difficult.

    • Whilst the art style and all round visuals are nice they can’t do much to disguise an otherwise bland and very mediocre game. Like a couple of others have said, I have fond memories of the original but this for some reason just didn’t do anything for me at all. Seems to be missing that something that made the original so good and without it it’s an avoid it from me. Even on plus it’s not worth the bandwidth.

  9. Great fun all together, I never played Strider game before though. Boss fights were a real highlight. Sale it

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