Deep Down Delayed Until 2015, New Video Released

Capcom, or more specifically producer Kazunori Sugiura, has announced that the beta for PlayStation 4 exclusive Deep Down has been delayed until next year.

To sweeten the news Capcom have also released a new video which shows the progress being made, including a battle with two enemies who disguise themselves as chests (of the “loot” kind, not the “Page 3” variety).

The video also includes footage of a multiplayer game and some rather snazzy lighting effects.

The game has only be announced for Japan but as the European PS Blog has promoted the title on a number of occasions it must surely be heading our way.

Source: YouTube


  1. A game where the enemies disguise themselves as chests of the page 3 variety is a game i’d consider buying,i’d probably die alot though as the enemies lured me in. ;)

  2. Wow! This looks fantastic. The lighting, the models, the scenery, they all look spot on and though they’re clearly all in-game actions some parts look almost pre-rendered quality. Very impressed with how they’re progressing with this game.

  3. You mean like the mimics in Dark Souls? *clicks link* Yep. Like the mimics in Dark Souls.

    It is looking great though.

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