Xbox One September Update Out Now, Brings Media Player And Other Changes

The Xbox One September update has released a bit early, quite soon after the August update launched. This brings a host of new features including a media player for playing all of your files and changes to the party system.

The Media Player will allow you to play “dozens” of file formats – with more coming later this year such as GIF and MKV – including music, movies and even photos, directly from a USB stick plugged into the machine. This is something the PS4 doesn’t yet have, and something people desperately want. There’s no DNLA support just yet, but that’s coming later this year.

Party leaders can now kick others from the party as part of an upgrade to that system, and SmartGlass has some social networking features, where you can post status updates direct to your feed, and you can now use SmartGlass to record game clips. There’s also an option for the console to boot directly to television rather than the home screen.

Finally, you can delete multiple clips in upload studio and even check your bandwidth usage for the console every hour, which should be useful for those with download caps on their broadband.



  1. Still odd hearing a corp like MS talking openly(ish) about MKV. Sony may add DLNA, but they’ll never add MKV.

    Other features seem long overdue, particularly the party control!

    The bandwidth control and monitoring is a nice touch.

    $10 says Sony have DLNA announced and implemented before MS. :)

    • The strange thing is that my Sony Bravia, one of the relatively new ones (Christmas 2013), accepts USB 3.0 HDDs and will read MKV’s perfectly. No stuttering or artefacts, just perfect playback. It seems a bit silly to exclude the MKV codec from the PS4 if Sony have acknowledged it with (an admittedly different) arm of the company.

  2. Sound, hopefully this will give Sony a kick up the arse to add USB support, then I can unplug my PS3

    • I too have kept my PS3 plugged in to the telly in the living room, primarily for the DLNA/media playback. I can play music, watch movies and show off photos all my big screen thanks to my trusty PS3 (she gets quite hot at times though)… and that makes me wonder just how many other PS4 owners are doing exactly the same. I reckon that at the time of buying a PS4 that a large number of customers would probably trade-in their PS3 to get some cash back, which would have an impact upon the install base of PS3s (maybe not massively) and would also open up a new wave of 2nd hand PS3s to new customers to buy, from which Sony would see no revenue.

      • I do exactly that. They sit side by side. All the media on the ps3, whenever I want. Although I envisioned the ps4 just completely replacing it but I suppose I need more space on ps4 for the larger installs….

  3. Now if they’d just let us copy mp3’s and play them in the background like the first 2 xbox’s did! Good update though.

  4. that is the shitiest musicplayer i have ever seen just a black screen whit a basic remote controller scheme not even some nice background

    • … & yet it’s still better than what the PS4 has at the moment.

      • Not a patch on the Sega Saturn’s visualiser software…

  5. Well done Microsoft for putting in the effort to listen to their customers’ request and acting upon them. Well done. Sony, any response?

  6. Very impressed with how quickly Microsoft are taking on user feedback and implementing it. Its getting a bit embarrassing Sony, step it up.

    • Yeah, as I mentioned recently, Sony are lagging in bringing much wanted (& previously promised) features to the PS4.

      It works well enough of course, but we now want to see additions/improvements to the way that it does things & they have been decidedly quiet on that front.

      • I’d imagine they will do a major upgrade that will bring a lot of these requested features in one go, but personally I really like Microsoft’s way of releasing smaller updates each month. As you say though, “works well enough” so I guess I can wait :)

  7. Let me guess here. This media player plays video, but you’re restricted to about 70% of the image? Or half the frame rate?

    They’ve still not learned from that disastrous reveal of the XBone, have they? But I’m sure some people will just love them for pissing about adding media stuff and ignoring games, still.

    Only danger now is, Sony will rush to release similar features and not test them properly. I’m guessing a 2.0 PS4 firmware soon, followed by a 2.01 update very, very soon after that.

    • How long has this crippling cynicism ruled your life? :-P

      • Since about 1977. I was 6 at the time.

    • The only thing “wrong” with the update is that support for MKV and a few others is not within this particular update, but coming alongside DLNA support by the end of the year. It has always been stated as a multi-staged rollout like this.

  8. I’m getting excited about trying this out, would love to use the Xbone instead of the noisy PS3 for media playback.

  9. Gotta keep applauding that Microsoft attention to feedback, well done.

    Anyne tried using Plex with PS4? I’ve heard it works but i haven’t had any luck with it (even though i use Plex for PS3 anyway).

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