Let It Die Gets A Rather Chaotic New Trailer


At E3 this year Suda51 revealed the latest game to come forth from his mind, with new title Let It Die. The game was confirmed as a free to play PS4 exclusive, in which player’s would fight against each other. Over the last couple of months it was also revealed that the game wouldn’t have much of a focus on a story mode, or on major characters due to the player’s creating those themselves. The game’s AI will learn from player actions and any bots will attempt to mimic the data provided.


The new trailer shows quite a bit of gameplay though it is very chaotic, as it changes from scene to scene. It does show different styles of play though, with one character deciding to run around in his pants using fists as his weapons. Others have bats and maces and other assorted weapons to deal out damage and death.  There is still no release date as of yet.

Source: Youtube