WeView Verdict: Strider

Since I got it free with PlayStation Plus, I tried to play a little bit of Strider last week, without knowing what to expect. To be honest, I didn’t get along with it very well, and it wasn’t long before I switched the game off and opted to play something else instead.

Your response to Strider was along the same lines. While some did enjoy parts of it, no one fully loved the game and most people left less-than-good reviews.


Germanos had “just started playing the game” when the WeView popped up, and said that the visuals are “very nice on PS4”, with the comic art style being perfect for a game such as this.

There wasn’t much of a story present, says Lieutenant Fatman, and this was an issue, despite the gameplay and bosses being “quite good”. Apparently Bionic Commando: Rearmed’s “small amount of story” added to that game massively (with it being “far better), and this would have been very welcome in Strider.

A high dose of negativity came from wonkey-willy, who said that it was “Yet another unwelcome addition to my plus content” and “nothing that is going to get the PS4 to warm up.” TSBonyman was a bit more kind, saying “while it’s not terrible, it is a bit on the bland side”, noting that the jumping can sometimes be “far too twitchy to navigate some of the platforms”. NotSmartEnough also said the game “felt bland” but threw the fact that it’s “repetitive” in there too.

Forrest_01 pointed out that those negative commenters may have not played the original, which he found this to be a “faithful recreation” of. He said that it includes “some of the things that made the original so good”and tarts “a few things up so that its suitable for a current gen release”. xIONx echoed this sentiment, and seemed to enjoy the game more than most, saying: “It’s not for all but it was nice to see a game of my yesteryear lovingly rebuilt. I hope they make a sequel.”

Despite loving the original, Severn2j said that they “just didn’t gel” with this one, and “gave up with it quite early on.” Element666 also “got bored early on” and “found it difficult.” Brnconnell was slightly more optimistic, saying “Great fun all together, I never played Strider game before though. Boss fights were a real highlight.”

Psychobudgie left a response which we’ll highlight, as it explored both sides of the story:

Whilst the art style and all round visuals are nice they can’t do much to disguise an otherwise bland and very mediocre game. Like a couple of others have said, I have fond memories of the original but this for some reason just didn’t do anything for me at all. Seems to be missing that something that made the original so good.

So, not the best reaction to Strider, though definitely not the worst! That leaves us with two votes for Sale It, seven for Plus It, and two votes for Avoid It. I’m sure many have you already got it on PlayStation Plus, so there’s probably no reason to regret that download.

Now it’s your chance to choose what’s coming up next week with our poll. We’ve got Wolfenstein: The New Order coming up tomorrow, which should be quite interesting. Vote using the poll below!



  1. Your comment that this game didn’t receive the worst comments to date got me thinking. Which games have faired worse than Strider in WeView comments?

    • I think Alien CM didn’t do too well. If Duke Nukem Forever got WeViewed I’d be surprised if anyone said buy it.

  2. “BAH,HUMBUG!”

  3. I am alone in this world. Never mind weview Strider my dear, I loview. *sob*

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