Bungie Announces Free Destiny Digital Upgrade Path From Last To New Gen

Bungie has confirmed that there will be a digital upgrade option available to those who purchase Destiny on PS3 and Xbox 360. However there is a catch in that you have to be buying the digital versions of last gen Destiny, and it’s only this way will you be able to upgrade to the current generation copies for free. The free period will also only last for a limited time, with the promotion lasting until January 15th 2015.

Once you purchase the digital version, which is £49.99 on PS3 and Xbox 360 for the regular game, you’ll have the option to download the new gen version. This will only work as long as the consoles are part of the same family so no buying the Xbox 360 copy and then trying to download the PS4 version, or vice versa. Bungie also confirmed that you won’t lose access to the last gen version should you upgrade.


The studio also confirmed that your Guardian will carry over as well as all of their gear and progress stats. So if you’re buying Destiny on PS3 or Xbox 360 this deal may be ideal should you be planning to upgrade soon, as that’ll save you some money that you can put towards your new console or another game.

Source: Bungie



  1. Seen as the ps4 games are ridiculously priced this could be a good work around for getting the game cheaper.

    • They’re the same price, this offer is for the digital download version only.

      • It’s £55 for PS4 on the PSN store, and I think most places have the PS4 version a fiver more than the PS3.

        The advantage here is that for £50 you get both PS3 and PS4 versions. You can hop back and forth with your characters online, and with being able to activate on multiple PS3s, you have a path back to playing with friends on PS3, even if you really want it on PS4.

        It’s a good deal. Not amazing right now, but depending on circumstance a good one. With the length this offer runs for, though, we might see some further special offers around Christmas time.

      • Lucky you.

        It’s €69.99 for either version on my Irish version of the webstore.

        But yes, hopefully we’ll see some special offer gold.

      • Wow… that’s some price disparity. :(

      • Did not realise that Destiny is 70 euro on the ps3! Was hoping it was cheaper as ps4 new releases seem to be 70 to 75 euro.

  2. I got the amazing deal ANTZ101 put me onto – PS4 Destiny with Gioteck ex06 for £40!

    • No worries, it’s a good deal regardless of the headset. Though I’m hoping it’s fairly decent!

      • I’ve looked at a few reviews which were all good. They’re wireless and have virtual surround sound and they cost £40 at Game. Buzzin.

        Here’s a link


      • Is that the Tesco offer? I ordered it to but now my order says nothing about the headset?

      • Yeah it was basically a gamble of if they still had stock of the headset you recieved it,if not then you just got the game.

    • How do you know you “got” the headset? I ordered mine on the 26th August, yet my orders page on the tesco website only mentions that the game is on it’s way……

      • That’s the same for everyone.

      • No worries, I got “headphones”, rather than a headset, anyway which is fair enough. I had originally asked my question because when I called Tesco direct yesterday asking about the headset they seemed completely unaware of this offer and informed me no headset was on it’s way….hence my confusion.

      • On a side note, for those interested, when I pre-ordered my game it was £45 then the day before release it went down to £40; hence, for those like me, under the guarantee you should should get £5 back. However I think you may have to call them up to get your money back, I don’t think Tesco will spontaneously give you £5 back…….

  3. Does this apply to just the EU version or does the US get the same deal?

    • I believe this is applicable to all.

  4. So I have two questions….

    1. I own all ps consoles but I intend on playing destiny on the ps4. I should just go for the ps3 version as it saves me £5 (£80 ps3 instead of ps4 £85). That works right?

    2. With people worrying about upgrading their hardware to the ps4 in time for jan 15, presumably they can just purchase it on the psn web store which effectively gives them unlimited time to purchase the ps4 hardware?

    • 80 pound?! It is not 50 pound on the store for ps3? Im going off what the above article says.

      • Oh I’m going for the digital guardian edition or whatever it is. To be honest I’d probably be happy with the standard.

  5. Physical copy for me,money got took out this morning so it’s just a matter of waiting till Tuesday.I’m due to get a ps4 in October so i might pick up a pre-owned one if there’s a big difference between consoles.Come on Tuesday!

  6. With all the wrangling with getting the best deals etc and ps3 to ps4 comparisons, one thing I know, how ever much you paid for this and on whatever console, it will be worth every penny!

    I couldn’t be bothered with all the hype and didn’t really care for it, then 10 mins into the beta I was completely won over.

    Destiny is preloaded, greatness awaits!

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