Angry Birds Series Flies On, New Game & Trailers Launched

Whether you love the series, or wish those colourful birds would just flock off, there’s no denying that Rovio’s Angry Birds is a formidable franchise, which just keeps laying golden eggs for the Finnish developers.

It was recently revealed that the Birds are to feature in a cross-over with every youngsters favourite 80’s cartoon Robots In Disguise, the Transformers – and following that announcement, a new suitably retro trailer has been released ahead of the October 15th roll out.


That’s not all though, as not to outdone by the classically male pew-pew lasers and 18-wheelers of the forthcoming Transformers, Rovio have also released trailer for the pink and fluffy “BFF” Birds game, Stella, which features a new, almost entirely female flock, who’re on a mission to protect their treetops from Gale, the Bad Princess. That title is available on the App Store right now.

So, there we have it, more Angry Birds. Not much else to say really, is there?

Source: Rovio, YouTube.


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  1. Okay, I know Angry Birds is the work of the devil, but that Transformers trailer is almost immeasurably cool and is one of the best bits of promotion I’ve seen in a while.


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