Triple-A G.I. Joe game in development, new Transformers title as well


Hasbro are stepping in to the video game market and have opened a new Raleigh-Durham Studio to create AAA games for consoles and PC, including a G.I. Joe game. The Wizards of the Coast studio is headed up by industry veterans from WB Games and other AAA studios.

The first title in production is a brand new G.I. Joe game, a screenshot of which you can see below.

GI Joe game

GI Joe

Job listing has revealed the G.I. Joe game is going to be a third person action adventure, which seems at odds to the screen shots which show a first person shooter. It is described as a “multi-platform, action-adventure video game”.

G.I. Joe game

G.I. Joe

Along with the Joe’s the Wizards of the Coast team are also creating new games based on Transformers, Ouija, and Micronauts. The latter two of those you are probably unfamiliar with, they never took off in the United Kingdom.

G.I. Joe was last seen in G.I. Joe Operation Blackout, a team based shooter that launched in October last year. The game was rather basic and scored 6/10 in our review.

“There is some fun to be had in G.I. Joe Operation Blackout,” said I, for I did the review. “The story is great but there is an over reliance on making you defend a position while wave upon wave on enemies attack. It’s lower priced than most new releases but even taking that into account I can only really recommend this to die hard Joe fans.”

Transformers were also seen quite recently on consoles as Transformers Battlegrounds was also launched in October 2020. Nick tackled that review and the game scored an impressive 8/10. “Transformers Battlegrounds is a great entry point into turn-based strategy game for younger Transformers fans, and even older fans looking for a more relaxed XCOM-style experience,” he said.

Micronauts has only ever had one game, and that was unofficial and on the ZX Spectrum. Quite how the Oujia board game translates to a video game remains to be seen.

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