Transformers Themed Splatfest Heading To Splatoon

Earlier today we reported how the ‘testfire’ demo for Nintendo’s squid-based-shooter Splatoon would be returning for US and EU players later in the month, and now Nintendo US have revealed the latest two teams who’ll face off in their next Splatfest – Decepticons vs Autobots!

That’s right, it’s a Transformers special Splatfest!


For those not in the know, Splatoon’s Splatfest is a regularly recurring event – usually held at weekends in which Inklings are able to choose between two teams and participate in battles for heightened XP. As well as giving players those rather nifty Transformers shirts Inkopolis Plaza and all the games stages are also decorated to reflect the special event.

Source: Twitter.


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  1. Soundwave superior, Autobots inferior.

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