PS4 Sales In America And Asia Go Through The Roof

PlayStation 4 looks likely to continue to thrash Xbox One in the monthly NPD sales in the U.S. with the news that, thanks to a little game called Destiny, the PS4 has had “single biggest PS4 hardware sales week since Christmas 2013”.

The PS4 has recently broke the 1 million sales barrier in the U.K. and at the Tokyo Game Show Sony have revealed that the PlayStation 4 is now it’s fastest selling console ever in the region.



As an added bonus, the PS4 sales have created a huge spike in PS Vita sales which are up 25% as gamers buy the console for remote play.

Source: US PS Blog / IGN



  1. They need those ps4 sales more than ever now with their dire finances.

    • Don’t listen to the media too much. They love to cherry pick. Very few of them reported on Sony’s last profitable quarter. They are all over today’s news.

      Its all rather lame and easy to get a very skewed view

      • TSA is the only games site I visit and they reported the profitable quarter story, however the 1.3bn forecast came from Sony themselves so I’m not sure what you’re on about.

      • I think Mr Blighty was possibly assuming you might only read about the negative stuff and not too much of the happy moments with Sony’s finances. Few and far between but there are some! :D

      • They did indeed report it here. Credit to them for that. However the mainstream media only seem to want to jump aboard the sony bandwagon of negatively and sensationalism

      • I don’t think we’ll ever agree Blighty so I’ll point out just a couple of weeks ago I saw numerous articles proclaiming the xbox Japan launch as a miserable failure.

        And I’ve yet to see half a dozen Tuffcub articles stating why Silent Hills ps4 exclusivity is bad for the industry a la Tomb Raider.

        Or why xbox’s tv aspects were bad but playstations new tv aspects are wonderful.

        Just a few examples for you. Where’s that bias you mentioned?!!

      • You’ll never agree but continue the fuelling of things. Ooo, you’re like a ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ voter in Scotland. :-P

      • You cant be serious, especially with the Silent Hills/ tomb raider example.

      • Serious is his middle name.

      • I just wanted to pont out how ridiculous his claims were of media bias in favour our Microsoft. MS have been panned & ridiculed for every decision over the last 18 months whilst everything Sony do is amazing.

  2. Long live Vita :)

    PS Could someone help me ? I can’t see any topics in the forum section (no matter what thread). No topics appear. Is it just me ? Who should I PM or write email to ?

    • No, it’s not just you – Not sure who else it is affecting (possibly everyone), but I know myself & a couple of others are having the same issue. Only a couple of things are present, but you cannot see any posts or replies.

      I have tweeted about it, but no reply so don’t know if anyone has seen it yet. Truth be told, I don’t know who’s remit the forum is these days.

  3. Go Sony!

    PS4 is stunning. I cannot wait to see what it’s like in years to come.

    Just remember PS3 on launch compared to how.

    The same process for the 4 baffles the mind :-)

    • It’s certainly looking rosy for PS4 and Vita.
      Like you say can’t imagine what the games will be like in a few years time.

  4. Great news. I wonder if XB1 will take the lead (in the US) in November with the release of the Halo collection?

    • Too big a month for software and hardware sales to be impact things, I reckon. Then again, the Halo franchise has a vast following of frothy-gusseted fans.

      • “frothy-gusseted”???

        Oh dear. That’s an actual thing, isn’t it? I was about to congratulate you on an excellent phrase, only to find it already exists. And it’s kind of disturbing.

        But not as disturbing as a double-smurf cannon.

      • I didn’t realise it was a thing but now feel compelled to look it up. Damn you! :D

      • Hah, wanlessing in action!

      • I’m quite proud of the fact that I’ve convinced quite a few people to look up “double smurf cannon” and that there are now results on Google for it.

        Somehow, the only results on Google, if you include the quotes, are for “wanlessing” (which is fun, being named after me) and this very page.

        It’s almost as good as that time I convinced some people that all the .com domains had been used up, and the last one sold was

        Although that one does mean I’ve spent the past 6 years trying to find a photo of a vicar near a cheese-grater. Which is surprisingly difficult.

      • You can’t lead a vicar to cheese graters. You must take it to the vicar. Then, and only then, will you have your day. :-)

  5. Excellent, keep it going.
    My Vita has been a lifesaver these last few days as i was visiting my folks in ‘the sticks’ – no internet or mobile phone signal but before i went there i loaded the vita up with a half dozen plus freebies that had been loitering in my download queue for a while. That helped with the withdrawal symptoms! :)

  6. Great news plus Vita sales are up too.One of the best purchases i’ve made last year love playing Velocity X2 and Persona 4 on the Vita.The PS Vita tv is due out soon so it looks like i’ll pick that up,there’s a few Vita games i’d love to see on the big screen and to top that off PlayStation Now is due out next year.It’s a good time for for SONY/PlayStation fans.#Firebomb.

  7. What’s really odd, is that now its ps4 destroying everything else in sales, we aren’t getting biweekly NPD stories thrown at us from all sides by the American gaming press.

    Anyone would think there was a huge backhand deal done last generation by an American console manufacturer to push it on American gaming sites…

    • “anyone would think etc” – No Blighty, just you I’m afraid!

    • If I’m not mistaken, the NPD figures are released every month. Always have been, I’m sure. Also, TSA has done a pretty good job of reporting on those.

      I do hate that it covers just America, as I’d prefer something global, but it’s a start. :-)

    • Huge backhand deal = advertising?

      It is no different than seeing the Surface 3 plastered all over. When you have 83.5 Billion in cash ( 86 less the Mojang deal) you spend it to push your brand.

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  9. Spam?

    • *Referring to comment above me

      • I would say so – There seems to have been a bit of an increase of people popping into articles to peddle unrelated crap recently.

        Or maybe it’s the same person. Can’t say I have paid that much attention if I am honest.

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