Chariot Launching Next Week On PS4 For North America, October 22nd In Europe

Frima Games has announced the release dates for the PS4 version of co-op platformer Chariot, with North American audiences being able to purchase the game from September 30th. Meanwhile residents in Europe will have to wait until October 22nd for Chariot to be available on PSN. I’ve asked for a reason why there is a delay though Frima is yet to reply to the question. Release dates for the Xbox One, PC, and Wii U are also yet to be unveiled.


Chariot will have local co-op and this is the main focus of the game. The game can be played solo but will be a bit more difficult to complete the levels. The story follows a princess and her husband to be as they look for a burial place for the deceased king. However the king’s ghost joins them on this journey, and gives his own input into where he wants to be put to rest, as well as wanting more items to decorate his sepulcher, making it grander than it is.

Source: PS Blog/2



  1. Looks lovely but completely torn between it ending up a stinker or adorable co-op as hell. :-\ :-)

  2. Shame it is only local co-op and not online co-op too. I’m all for games keeping local co-op which some developers seem to have abandoned over recent years but why not have both? Shame, otherwise I would of got this to play with a mate.

    • Shareplay will make it an online co-op too, won’t it?

      That thing Sony are adding to firmware 2.0, whenever it’s coming out…

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