Learn A Little More About T-Bone In The Watch Dogs: Bad Blood Launch Trailer

Right, so here’s what we know about T-Bone, the protagonist in the first and possibly only expansion for Watch Dogs: he’s crazy, he likes to drink, he owns a motorcycle, he enjoys blowing stuff up and hitting guys in the face, he apparently doesn’t own a razor or a pair of scissors, and he really doesn’t like it when people touch his beer (and who can blame him?). Oh, and he’s also a brilliant hacker.


Bad Blood is available this week for anyone who bought the season pass, while everyone else will have to wait until next week. The expansion includes both single-player and online co-op missions across locations previously unexplored.

Anyone out there still have Watch Dogs and looking forward to this? If you’re on the fence, check out Stefan’s recent preview for a more in-depth look.

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  1. Downloaded this yesterday, that trailer already looks far more interesting than anything from the original campaign.

    However, fucking Ubisoft have added another 89 fucking side-missions. Seriously, as if the main game didn’t suffer enough from repetitive side missions, now they want us to do 29 more driving missions, 20 more fixer contracts, 20 Militia contracts etc….like they weren’t boring enough the first time. And no doubt they’ll be inconveniently littered in each corner of the map. Utter dicks – it’s DLC, it doesn’t have to be bulked out so much, a decent DLC campaign and Co-op would be good enough. Therefore it suggests to me they’ve tried to make the DLC ‘big’ since all the other DLC due to come from the season pass will be multiplayer content.

    • I haven’t personally found any issue with any of the side missions as yet – That said, I have been holding off getting through too much of the game due to wanting to wait for season pass content, so I have just been playing an hour or two here or there. Perhaps that’s helped keep it ‘fresher’ for me?

      So this to me is in fact good news. Plus, it sounds like you are playing Trevor from GTA V. There’s a lot of parallels.

      I’m more annoyed about the fact that when I looked for this DLC I found that I had about 10 or so DLC packs (suits, guns, atm boost etc) that I hadn’t downloaded. They only became obvious when I tried to look for stuff on the store with no success & then went to the game on the app bar & went to the bottom option. Lo & behold, loads of items that probably would have been much more useful to me had I had them from the start! Probably my fault of course, but I also blame the store & the network a little as it should have been much clearer that those items were available to me!

      • Yeah, it might be because I was playing Watch_Dogs exclusively (due to lack of PS4 games then), but I still find the amount excessive, particularly when the volume of ‘side’ missions heavily outweigh the number of campaign missions, and their annoying repetitive nature.

        I can accept it in the main game, but to repeat it in the DLC is just a fucking nuisance to be honest. I’ll no doubt be compelled to do them to restore my 100% (and I’ve paid for them), but I probably won’t enjoy missions 3-20 of each.

      • Ah yes, I was gonna suggest just not bothering with the side stuff & simply concentrating on the story, but seeing as almost all of the DLC trophies relate to the side mission stuff (& I know how much you like your 100%’s), doesn’t look like you can avoid it.

        Only advice I can give is to take your time & play it in small chunks. Has certainly helped me thus far. :)

      • Yeah, damn my 100% OCD ;)

        I may well do it in chunks. I actually did the same with TLOU, I thought it was amazing but only because I played it for 1.5-2 hours at a time. Any longer and I would start to get bored and I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much if I’d sessioned it – so I may well need to do the same with these Watch Dogs side missions.

    • Not filling me with optimism mate. Will still get it but that sounds dull as hell.

      On a side note, I managed to get the 10 hacks online last night. I then went on to trailing but due to excessive drinking (in real life, not the game) I failed it repeatedly. It seems ramming the person you’re trailing isn’t a good idea.

      • I find tailing so much easier than hacking! Mainly because there is a hidden trophy to get tailed 5 times, so some people just stand still & let you do it (if they still require it of course, as I do), but also due to the fact that there is no circle that closes in on your location, so you can usually just peep to your hearts content.

        Unless they are particularly sensitive to people invading their game of course, when they just start running around like madmen, making crowds scatter & shooting random people indiscriminately. That makes things a bit tricky as you can’t just stand around & have to act like you are shocked & start running, but not at full pace (as that is then obvious).

        I am no good at the hacks at all. I usually get to around 90/95% complete before they spot me & the game is up. Better hiding spots must be found!

      • To be honest I’m really looking forward to doing the Co-op stuff with you, and the T-Bone campaign – both are just what the game needs. As I said above it looks more interesting than Aiden’s story, and has new gadgets and locations, but those side missions….

      • Forrest, I agree. In principle they are easier. It’s just I was pretty drunk when playing and was making so many stupid wee mistakes. Will no doubt blitz them tonight.

        Yeh Youles, started playing it again to get used to it. It’s such a good game. Next week should be a laugh!

    • Not too sure about this game at all, fella. However, I’m ordering some new PC bits and bobs and the motherboard comes with a free copy of WatchDogs (digital download). Hopefully I’ll enjoy the main game and might even take a sneaky peak at this DLC but if the repetition kills me, there’s no chance.

      • To be fair Mike the main campaign is pretty good, and if you pick and choose your side missions then you’ll probably enjoy it – I guess wanting to get trophies can often be a bit of an enjoyment killer.

      • Ah, trophies, achievements, choccie treats. Don’t care about any of them although the latter are tastier. :D

      • Haha, indeed. The story missions are quite varied and the middle section is actually rather good.

      • Yeah, if you are happy to ignore trophies/achievements & just play what you want when you want (bit of story, bit of side mission, do some games etc), I can see it being a damn entertaining game.

        If you are a completionist & like to rifle through things as quickly as possible, the repetition might be a killer.

      • Agreed, fella. I like to nose around a game with the attitude of a completionist but that can change quickly if I’m not having fun. No matter what, me enjoying any given title remains at the forefront of why I’m playing it. The moment that’s in question is the moment the game starts to lose my admiration.

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