Check Out The Vane Teaser Trailer From Ex Last Guardian Devs

Friend & Foe, a relatively new studio consisting of former The Last Guardian developers, have released a trailer for their second game, Vane.

Vane is a single player open world title about a child in a “dangerous natural environment inhabited by a strange civilization,” with puzzling and exploration featuring heavily throughout. The child also has a special power, what that is has yet to be revealed but the end of the trailer may be a hint.

The game is coming to PC first but the team say they are want to get the game on “every other platform we can get our hands on.” As the members of Friend & Foe have worked on Killzone 3, The Last Guardian and Battlefield 3 it’s probably safe bet that the game will come to the latest consoles.

Amusingly, Vane will probably come out before The Last Guardian, a whole new team has formed and created a game whilst the DogBirdRat languishes behind the doors of Team Ico.

Source: YouTube



  1. Looks intriguing but I’m certainly not holding my breath considering they’ve been working on their last game for the best part of a decade and we’ve still seen nothing of it. We can all make intriguing trailers but a game has to actually release at some point.

  2. Scenery reminds me of Magic Carpet.

    I wish someone would bring that game to current consoles.

  3. Looks interesting but will need to know/see more. Having a few relatively high-profile devs does not-a-game-make.

  4. You can have any colour as long as it’s brown.

  5. The trailer has me intrigued but i’ll try to keep the mystery alive by waiting for the console release. :)

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