New Indie Studio Friend & Foe Formed, Vane & Dangerous Men Revealed

A new indie studo has arrived on the scene in the form of Friend & Foe, which is made up of five experienced game developers. The team is made up of Ivar Dahlberg, Rasmus Deguchi, Rui Guerreiro, Thomas Lilja, and Victor Santaquiteria. Individually they have worked on games such as The Last Guardian, Battlefield 3 and Killzone, and will be bringing those experiences to the studio’s games, two of which have been confirmed.

The first is Dangerous Men which is based upon 80’s buddy cop movies, and will be an action arcade game. There’s not much information other than that, and no release date or platforms are yet confirmed for the title. The other game is called Vane, and it looks heavily like something Team Ico would have created. This isn’t a surprise as development Rui Guerreiro is heading the project, and he worked on The Last Guardian from the very beginning of that project.


Vane is a single player open world title about a child who is in a strange world, and also possess a power though what that is has not been revealed. Vane will be coming to PC first though other platforms could follow, though once again no release date. However some screens were revealed of the game.

Source: Friend&Foe



  1. ooh, I like the look of Vane.

  2. You can definitely see the Team Ico influence in those screens.

    • For me, it was that and Journey. Looks intriguingly lovely.

  3. Vane looks lovely , hope it comes to PS4.

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