The Deep Down Tech Videos Feature Next Gen Nipples

A couple of tech videos for Deep Down taken from the CEDEC developer sessions in Tokyo have appeared on the internet. There is not much to them, but they do show just how lovely the game looks.

The first tech demo finds two bare bottomed Badger/Rat creatures fighting against the hero. The creatures are furnished with a set of elongated, swinging nipples.

This video has some impressive particle effects.

A liquid effect on a what appears to be a horse merged with a Necromorph from Dead Space, with added Page 3 jubblies.

And finally, a naked version of the Badger/Rat to showcase the lighting.

Source: YouTube 1/2/3/4


  1. Hands up how many people clicked on this article because of the title….Just me then.
    The graphics are awesome really looking forward to this game.

    • Afraid not mate.. It had nippers in the title.. And being a fan of digital boobies I just had to click… Oh well back to dead or alive then.

  2. Oh jeez … those nips .. they’re so long and there are so many of them … perhaps they are used as a distraction during combat? i certainly feel fairly distracted after seeing them, and a bit ill.

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