Podcast: Episode 156 – Alien, Destiny, Mortal Kombat And Indies

I’d like to apologise in advance for just how long I bang on about Alien: Isolation on this week’s podcast. Kris asks the question and then I seemed to just keep remembering interesting things or situations from the game that I wanted to mention. It’s a game that’s not without its issues but the fact that they absolutely nailed the atmosphere and feeling of tension that was at the core of Alien in 1979 made me love it.

Lewis wasn’t available to record so we’re short on anything to do with films but Kris had been to EGX since our last recording so he had Mortal Kombat X to talk about, as well as a whole raft of smaller interesting titles from indie developers that he saw at the show.

Kev has playing Destiny again and seems enraptured with its uncanny ability to make online shooters actually fun. A lot of that seems to be the fact that he’s found a couple of groups of people he can play with.

We did a quiz about advertising and took some great listener questions before wrapping up and saying goodbye.

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  1. Alien: Isolation sounds to be a fantastic game. I like the Alien movies, they are not my favourite or anything, but I like to watch them from time to time. The second one was the best :D Maybe when the game price will go down I will think of buying it. Currently I’m saving up my money for Driveclub – if it proves to be good after the PS+ version. The AI thing is impressive. The features related to your dualschock and PS-Eye are just mental :D I so want this, but I’m scared also :(

    Kev we could play together Destiny, I’m not a stranger right? :P

    EGX seems like a fun thing to do. We have our “game expo” in Poland, it”s called Poznań (city name) Game Arena (PGA). I hope they also have some of the upcoming hits to show. It’s going to be my first time there, so I have high hopes :P The indie games sound really good. I hope SONY picks them up and we will see them released for a PlayStation console.

    A KEV QUIZ?! Now that’s…unusual…and the actual quiz was…unusual is the correct word…yes.

    THAT IS NOT SPYRO ! Play the PlayStation One games :( You will know what I mean. These were proper adventure, platform, fun games.
    I know, in some way we should be grateful to Activision for having even minor interest in Spyro, but the Skylanders character is not what I loved back in the days.

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