PlayStation Now Will Launch On PS TV & Vita In North America On October 14th

Sony has released a FAQ for the PlayStation TV, and within that details have emerged that the PlayStation Now beta will launch on both Vita and TV on October 14th. That date is when the PS TV  goes on sale in the US. Meanwhile Europe will not get the PS TV until November 14th. Other than that the FAQ reiterates fact the device won’t be compatible with standard definition TVs due to the HDMI output, and the resolutions it does support include 480p, 720p, and 1080i. The PS4 remote play visual will be at 720p.

The FAQ also states that there will be a day one patch that will add new features, so you will be required to connect it to the internet to have the full experience. You’ll also only be able to associate one main account with the PS TV, same as the Vita. A Network Media Player will also be made available after launch so you can stream music, photos, and videos from other devices in your home. Sony kind of sidesteps in how PS TVs that were imported from Japan will be supported, instead saying it is best to purchase one from the market you reside in.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Sweet I’m gonna convert my vita tv to my NA account next week then. Give me chance to get a bit more use out of it.

  2. The Network Media Player app is interesting. I wonder if they’ll make a version available for PS4 as well. It’s not much use to me, but I understand that PS4 lacking DLNA is a Big Thing.

  3. It’s weird and confusing that there’s differences cropping up between the Vita TV and the PS TV. Are the Japanese having their console rebranded to match the western one? I still can’t understand why Vita was dropped from the name, surely the interface will give the game away to anyone who thinks they’re avoiding an ‘unsuccessful’ portable console?

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