What We Played #176: Natural Doctrine, Shadow of Mordor & PIX The Cat

Who's top of the food chain?

To kick things off, this week I’ve been playing Natural Doctrine, a PS-exclusive Japanese import considered the Demon’s Souls of the SRPG genre. As the name implies, it’s a game centred around the philosophy of Darwinism with humans struggling to survive in a brutal fantasy realm. Despite a few teething issues the game has really started to grow on me and it has been a nice slow burner, keeping me occupied whenever I can tear myself away from Shadow of Mordor.

Speaking of great games, Monolith has really hit the mark with its latest project. After the somewhat mediocre War In The North and Guardians of Middle-Earth, Shadow of Mordor is a true return to form, outdoing pretty much every open-world game we’ve seen in the past year or so.

Blair has also been spending a fair bit of time with the game. When asked what he’s playing this week he responded:

Shadow of Mordor, more Shadow of Mordor, and even Moredor. The Nemesis system is so great, oh my god, it makes every other villain in any other game look one dimensional. Your foes are forging the same path as you, essentially, and they’re levelling up, completing missions, and killing other bad guys. They’ve got traits and faux memories and personality and everything that makes someone real. It’s incredible, I don’t know how they’ve managed it. Everything else is pretty standard for an open world game, but Ubisoft wish they could make an Assassin’s game like this.

Tef has sadly been missing out on all the Uruk-slaying fun, having dedicated himself to Driveclub over the weekend. In his review he praised the game’s stunning visuals and intuitive focus on team racing. Still, that hasn’t stopped Driveclub from receiving negative press this week, thanks to day one server issues, resulting in the delay of the much-anticipated PS+ edition. Elsewhere, Tef has spent more time with Destiny, jumping straight back into the Vault of Glass for some intense raid action. Thanks to improved gear, he and his Guardian crack team have got the raid down to just over an hour.

Tuffcub, Dom and Aran have also been spending some time with Destiny this week, as well as PlayStation Plus’s latest sleeper hit, PIX The Cat. Scoring the game a magnificent 9/10, Aran lauded its insanely addictive gameplay, audio, and visuals:

Overall PIX The Cat is incredibly fun and addictive. Every time I said it would be my last go I would also drift to the restart button, and have another go. The art design is really good looking, and just jumps out of the screen in some cases. The music is very well composed too, adding to the overall atmosphere of the game. The only real problem is the small amount of lag from analog input on PS4, which costs time in a game where every second counts. Since the game is currently free on Plus it really is worth playing, though if you do miss the Plus promotion it is worth picking up if you’re looking for a modern day Pac Man or Snake, with better presentation.

Dom has also been playing some Defense Grid 2 and Bayonetta 2 for review. With the embargo due to lift next week all Dom can tell us about Bayonetta 2 is that it’s a game, and features a character with the same name. Truly eye-opening stuff.

So, what have you been playing this week? Hopelessly attached to Shadow of Mordor or simply filling the gap left by Driveclub’s delayed PS+ version?


  1. There’s a demo for Bayonetta 2 on the eShop! It’s glorious guys.

    Personally, I’ve been busy with Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, Mordor, Horizon 2, Smash Bros, Destiny… Did I mention Smash Bros?

  2. Finished up final 2 strike missions on Destiny this week before trading it in towards my bayonetta 2 pre order. Speaking of which, i checked out the demo last night and its brilliant. Oct 24th cant come soon enough! :] Downloaded Driveclub today too. Really enjoying it so far

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    • Nice advert, my friend actually needed one of these about 8 years ago, shame you weren’t around then!

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  4. This week had me bustin out GTAv. Cracking on with the main story.
    And started dust ,which initially looks feels and plays great ,but after a coulple of villages it gets repetitive.

  5. Picked up Shadow of Mordor last week so I’ve been playing bits and pieces of that but Destiny is still consuming the largest part of my gaming time.

    Just need to complete the raid and get some raid gear as my Hunter’s gear is fully upgraded leaving me stuck at level 29. Fully upgraded Invective yesterday as well which was pretty satisfying.

    I did tackle the raid earlier on this week with Quinkill and a few other mates and we made it to the final stage in about an hour and a quarter. After several failures there though we had to call it a night so another attempt is on the cards soon!

  6. Mainly been working through the main campaign of Alien. Great game, they’ve nailed the atmosphere of the film.

    Spent a while yesterday working through the hospital, playing hide& seek with the alien. Thought I’d got out clean only to hear heavy footsteps behind me, followed by inevitable death. Had to switch to offline DriveClub to let my heart rate recover!

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