Resident Evil TV Series To Be Made By Constantin Film

Constantin Film, the company that holds the film license for Resident Evil, has stated that it plans to create a television series based on the franchise. This show is expected to start production after the next Resident Evil film has been released. There’s no idea on the plot and whether it will link to the movie universe, or whether the show will be closer to the games. The movie, called Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will release in 2016, so the show probably won’t be on our screens for at least another two to three years.

This is not the same show as was announced a couple of months ago, which was going by the name Arklay, and was being produced by Mance Media. It appears that interpretation of the Resident Evil universe is no longer happening due to the fact the official site has been taken down, and also that Mance did not hold the license. That show was supposed to follow Detective James Reinhardt, and was set before the outbreak.

Source: Variety


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