Octodad Shorts Patch Out Now, Causing Save Issues On PS4

A new patch for Octodad: Dadliest Catch has been released today that unlocks a couple of new levels for you to play, these being called ‘Dad Romance’ and ‘Medical Mess’. The good news is that these Shorts are free, but the bad news is that the patch seems to have had a negative affect on PS4 saves. That problem appears to wipe saved games.


However there is a workaround while Young Horses figure out a more permanent fix. If you do find that progress has been wiped then you need to go to the Freeplay menu. In this menu hold right for 5 seconds and that should unlock everything the patch would have locked. So no lost progress if you do that then. We’ll keep you informed when a fix is put out for the bug.

Source: Twitter



  1. Nobody suspects a thing.

  2. Oh dear, i guess this will download automatically too so there’s no avoiding it.

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