Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops Releases On PS3 & Vita On October 29th

Wired Productions has announced that Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops will be releasing on October 29th on the EU PS Store, with North America getting it a day prior on the 28th. This is the date for the PS3 and Vita versions, which will support cross buy and cross save, with the date for the PS4 edition of the game to be announced later. I’m not sure if that will also be part of the cross buy promotion. Price wise the game will be cheap costing £5.49/€6.99.


Some modes were also detailed by the devs.

  • Eliminate All Enemy Targets – Destroy all marked enemy targets, this could include enemy infantry or specific buildings / structures.
  • Destroy All Vehicles – Destroy all marked vehicles within the specified map.
  • Destroy Missile Batteries – Destroy all the Missile Batteries within the specified map.
  • Eliminate Enemy Infantry – Eliminate all the enemy infantry within the specified map.
  • Protect The Journalists – Escort all friendlies from point A to point B. Should all the group get eliminated, the mission will end in failure.
  • Destroy Enemy Barracks – Destroy all the enemy infantry barracks within the specified map.
  • Survival – Survive against wave attacks, including both infantry and zombies!
  • Timed – Complete various mission objectives in the specified time.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Completely of topic, but it seems the PSN is down!! When are the forums coming back?

  2. Just done a little digging for gameplay videos and this game looks great. For this price it really is a no brainer. Day one purchase!

  3. A great wee game. Brings back fond memories of Cannon Fodder.

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