Jade Raymond Leaves Ubisoft After Ten Years

Jade Raymond, who acted as producer on the first two Assassin’s Creed games, Watch Dogs, and Splinter Cell: Blacklist is to leave Ubisoft as the company and her “have agreed to pursue future opportunities separately” after ten years working together.

Ubisoft Toronto – which Jade helped found – will appoint a new managing director in the form of Alexandre Parizeau, who was also a founding team member of the studio.


“I’ve spent 10 extraordinary years at Ubisoft, and I am proud to have been part of many of the best teams in the industry making truly remarkable games,” said Raymond. She believes that the studio “is strong and on a solid path” and “now is a good time for me to transition leadership of the studio to Alex and to pursue my other ambitions and new opportunities”.

It it not known where Jade will head to next, or how this decision will affect Far Cry 4 and Assassin’s Creed Unity – or if it will at all – as Ubisoft Toronto are currently providing additional development support to Ubisoft Montreal, the lead developers.

Source: Press release



  1. Good luck to Jade in her next venture, she’s done well at Ubi.

  2. Blacklist and AC2, two of the best from last gen.

  3. Plus, she is as fit as a butcher’s dog. I may start my own game dev company and see if she wants to join me.

    So smart, so attractive and she earns more than me. I would love to be that house husband. :P

    • I’m not sure that someone with ‘lofty ambitions’ of being a house-husband would rank high on her list of life partners.

      • You Sir are a cruel, mean-spirited realist. A shatterer of dreams and the cause of my morning tears.

      • Many, many years of adult life have worn away the hopeful and naive ambitions of my youth. I am truly sorry for breaking your dreams but, it’s time to get real.

    • Presumably ‘fit as a butchers dog’ would imply a talent for gnashing the fallimg sausage from butchers bench? :P

      • Falling…..cock!

      • Oh dear.

      • The analogy refers to the perceived good health and outstanding example of breed that would arise from a diet of fresh meat rather than feeding the aforementioned pooch on horse teste paste from Home Bargains.

        P. S. Amphlett I don’t think you are Brad Pitt. It is, for all it seems, time to get real.

        I can’t comment much today, Jade has me polishing the kitchen floor with my tongue before she gets home as she wants to code some AI algorithms over Chinese while Queens of the Stone age plays in the background . Ahhh the life of a house husband.

      • Freezebug… hahahah! Top comment. :-)

    • Just googled her and yes, I agree, she is pretty fit.

  4. Anything to do with the direction Ubisoft games are taking?

    • Could well be although she’s been there a long time and has probably experienced all there is to experience. Many of the top devs, etc., go off and then dive into a small indie project – building something that a Goliath like Ubisoft couldn’t usually attack.

  5. Just Googled her, and yes, she has a fantastic track record with games.

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