Table Top Racing: World Tour Announced As Timed Exclusive For PS4

Playrise Digital has announced that it is creating a new game in its Table Top Racing series, and this time releasing on PS4 first as a timed exclusive. The full title is Table Top Racing: World Tour and will add to what was present in the original Table Top Racing with additional cars, tracks, powers, and other items. There isn’t too much information on the game as it has only been announced, but it will support both four player local split screen, as well as online multiplayer.

Playrise has released the first three screenshots for the game from a track known as Japan Junkyard, and you can see those below.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Can you say Micro Machines (on the SNES if i recall correctly)?! Now that was a multiplayer game!

    • PS1 too. Bought a multi controller extender just for it.

  2. Micro Machines was the best shit ever

  3. Vita version plsss! ;)

  4. Really enjoyed the Vita game; my only issue was that I couldn’t play it split screen! PS4 version with local MP sounds perfect.

    • I’ve been tempted by the Vita version but wasn’t sure how good it played.

  5. Will keep an eye on this, I played Micro Machines and Circuit Breakers a lot, I even recall the latter having DLC, on a PSone too!

  6. oh yes love this play it on my phone, cant wait to play it on ps4. Loved micro machines my fave track was the breakfast table used to drive me crazy getting slowed down on a splat of honey, there was a table with spanners on it ohhhh and the bath tub loved it! :)

  7. Micro Machines on the NES are in my top 10 gaming moments. My sister and I played for hours pushing each other off the pool table. This isn’t that but hopefully captures some of the spirit.

  8. I had Micro Machines on the Amiga but that was a top down racer so I can’t see this being that similar at all apart from giant obstacles.

  9. Somehow my mind decided that this was an AR game on Vita and it put me off downloading it.

  10. Looks really good from those early screenshots, I hear the Vita game is great so will hold off now for this version. Interesting to see that this is on PS4, yet the Codemasters rival Toybox Turbos is not.

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