WeView: The Last Of Us Remastered

This is The Last of Us’ second appearance under the WeView spotlight. When we took a look at the game, just over a year ago now, it received an impressive twenty-eight Buy It votes. Can the remastered version achieve the same indisputable result?

For me, The Last of Us is the best game I’ve ever played. The game sent me on an emotional roller-coaster as you witnessed an initial tentative relationship between Joel and Ellie blossom into something very special indeed.

The gameplay bits between were immensely satisfying too, despite it feeling slightly clunky compared to the Uncharted series. Naughty Dog created a masterpiece in my eyes, and that’s without even mentioning the spectacular visuals. The remastered version came complete with all the DLC packs, but more noticeably ran at 60fps, making The Last of Us experience just that bit better.

Alex reviewed the original game for TSA, scoring it 10/10. He concluded:

It’s in the game’s storytelling and scripting that the real surprises lay. Joel and Ellie’s story is a sprawling, often desperate struggle for survival against insurmountable odds and a series of increasing bad rolls of the dice, and it’s expertly told.

Blair took a look at the Left Behind DLC, which focuses on Ellie’s story before The Last of Us’ events. He concluded in his review:

Left Behind is the perfect complimentary side-dish for The Last of Us. It’s happier at points, but just as bleak at others, and everything else is pretty much on par with any of the other chapters in the tale. There’s a brilliant approach to the narrative, while Ellie and Riley’s charm shines throughout, their wonder and imagination matching exactly how you’ll feel as you return to this world.

Now it’s over to you. As previously mentioned we’ve already covered The Last of Us before, so this time we’re interested to hear if the game still had the same impact on the PlayStation 4, and if you would recommend buying the game for a second time. Let us know in the comments below and give the game either a Buy It, Sale It, Plus It or Avoid It Rating. Be sure to get your comments in by Sunday evening.



  1. I’ve left the campaign half way through, I already completed it on ps3 and knew at the time it was a one play through game for me. You see I’m not a massive fan of the single player gameplay, it was the story that made it excellent and once you’ve experienced that, well it doesn’t change 2nd time does it?
    The MP on the other hand I’ve spent a lot of time on with the ps4 version and it was great, totally different to anything else. Difficult one to rate this, if you’ve played it on ps3 I struggle to recommend it, but if you haven’t this is the definitive certain so go for it, definitely. So I’m going to give 2 votes. But it if you haven’t played it on ps3, avoid it if you have.

    • i think you hit the nail on the head Tony,
      second play through doesn’t change the story.
      if anything it took away the thrill for me.
      you knew what was coming next so to speak,I’d get to a point and think “oh yea this next bit is when it all kicks off”,and knew that the next 5 minutes was zombie bashing time.
      the additional mission with Ellie was OK,short and sweet but too damn obvious.
      i didn’t really get on with the multiplayer so ant pass judgment.
      again you are right if you have played the ps3 version (avoid it),it’s just another run through with shiny graphics and extra special effects here and there.

  2. The Last of us is probably the best PS3 game and its PS4 release is justified considering the popularity of the PS4 as well as its own phenomenal success. The game is one of the best games I have played and whether gamers choose between the PS3/4 version is irrelevant-the impact of the story is the same. Technically, the game has improved visually being remastered in 1080p and the option to play at 60fps.

    That last point is a major subtle success in game design. For naughty dog not to lock the game at 30fps because of their own preference, they have instead allowed gamers-console players the choice between 30 and 60fps. I hope other game devs take note especially Ubisoft after their pr disaster.

    Back onto the game and it includes all dlc bundled into the price. In my opinion, its worth a second playthrough for people who played it first time. Maybe this time go for a grounded run instead?

    The Last Of Us is up there with Final Fantasy 7, Super Mario, Half Life. These are the types of games which will be timeless with all elements being spot on. A must buy from me.

  3. Buy it from me. If you’ve already played it on the PS3 it’s worth a replay just to watch how spectacular the cutscenes look at 1080p & 60fps. This is when i first realised (although people are bored of the discussions) what a difference it makes, especially when I flicked back to 30fps for a look. Unbelievable difference.
    You also get the Left Behind story too which is a bonus & i feel compelled to play that again actually even though I did find it a bit girly. (Can I say that? Is that PC nowadays?) ;)

  4. I never finished it on PS3, so this hasn’t grabbed my attention at all.

  5. Loved it on the PS3, loved it on the PS4. The visual improvement is a quantum leap and if anything it seems to improve the gunplay somewhat. It also includes all the addon content including the excellent Left Behind which is an astoundingly well crafted release in it’s own right.

    If you haven’t played it before, buy it immediately. If you have played it before but didn’t bother with the DLC, buy it. If you are just curious to see the graphical leap, buy it. Oh sod it, buy it, play it and buy it again.

    • Strange you should say the gunplay seems improved as I read that it’s due to a higher frame rate and I must admit I didn’t have a problem with the sniper section on this one, but with the PS3 version I was missing left, right and centre.

  6. Buy it, I’d say. I loved it on ps3 and love it even more on ps4. Even though I’d already played through the story before, playing it again, especially after the left behind dlc, revealed a lot of new details I hadn’t noticed before, the incidental chit chat had more meaning. I’m still trying to get through it on grounded mode (the security door in the hotel level is proving to be a nightmare) and haven’t touched the multi player side yet, so there’s a ton of content to still get out of it. Even as a re-master, it’s one of the best games on ps4.

    Buy it.

    • The security door… I bloody hated that bit as I’ve got the worst sense of direction on the planet. I had to re-tread my footsteps leading the way from the switch to the door about 80 times before I didn’t get lost.
      I found the best way is to ignore all the clickers etc and just leg it to the door whilst screaming like a girl.

      • Haha, this! The easiest way is to grab the key card before activating the generator. Just get the key, deal with the 3 or 4 infected that spawn, activate the generator, then peg it for the door and hope the bloater didn’t spawn on the upper floor… If he did you can still make it, but it’ll be close! I’ve got a vid of me doing it where he’s trying to grab me but I’ve already triggered the mini video of Joel opening the door so he can’t get me… Very lucky!

        You’d be surprised how many times you have to rely on the run and hope method in Grounded… This part, the bookstore, the university bloater, the cabin resort – both as Ellie and as Joel, the underground tunnel towards the end, the hospital… Urgh. By far the hardest section is the cabin resort. Good luck!

      • Yep, it’s what happened to me. I leg it past the bloater and he’s trying to grab me as the video sequence kicks in when I open the door, thank god.
        I was lucky this time round on the PS4, when I reached the tunnel leading to the hospital, the sounds of the clickers and runners were there but the characters didn’t spawn so I was able to just walk through without a care in the world. :)

  7. Er, Buy It.

    Single player looks better, multiplayer looks better, loading times are reduced, it has photo mode, all the PS3 DLC is included, hell it’s better with a DualShock 4.

    Even if you you’ve finished it on PS3, the multiplayer still provides enough longevity to justify re-buying it – the best multiplayer since CoD4 and Red Dead Redemption.

    • What Youles said. That is exactly what I was going to type lol.
      Buy it! Great story, great gameplay, great characters, great multiplayer and a must to add to your best gaming collection.

  8. Wait for it…

    • …Errr …Need someone to pull your finger?

  9. As others have said, was really looking forward to revisiting on PS4 but soon realised the story was the same. Online seems even better, tighter and still fresh, I just get distracted by other titles. Overall I’d say buy it, cos it’s so damn awesome

  10. I played the Last of Us three times on the PS3 and I still enjoyed playing it again on PS4.

    They managed to make an incredible looking game look even more incredible and the improved frame rate/resolution make a huge difference. Despite what some people say.

    Obviously the story hasn’t changed but it was still as exciting and moving as the first/second/third play through. In fact, I enjoyed the story much more this time and I was able to take in things that I had missed when I played the game twelve months ago on the PS3.

    So many modern games vanish without a trace six/twelve after release but playing the Last of Us again is like re-watching your favourite movie when you haven’t seen it for a while and further strengthens it’s ‘masterpiece’ status.

    Buy it.

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