Sunset Overdrive Gets A Launch Trailer Ahead Of Next Week’s Release

Insomniac Games has released the launch trailer for Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive, showing more of the colourful apocalypse. There’s a few glimpses of some of the factions that have risen out of the chaos that has consumedunset City, and also a look at the number of customisations you can tinker with. There’s also some self referential humour that has been part of the marketing campaign since launch, this time looking at the respawn animations.

If you want to read some impressions on the game then you can read Blair’s preview here, looking at the co-op mode. I played it with him and thought it did look good, but like Blair thought it moved slower than some of the earlier footage made it look. Sunset Overdrive will be releasing next week.

Source: Youtube



  1. This, Ori and the Blind Forrest, Forza Horizon 2, Halo Collection, Halo 5, and the possibility of a much more stable online service along with the raft of regular updates makes the Xbox One all the more attractive over the PS4 to me at the moment.

    • Driveclub destroys Forza Horizon2. Halo is a tried rehash, and Xbox live is also pretty flakey of late.

      Just saying.

      • I’m mainly a PS gamer, and Horizon 2 changed my opinion of open world racing games, and has great reviews. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to try DC yet, but I really doubt it destroys FH2.

        Just saying, of course.

      • @blighty every review says otherwise, metacritic has both forza’s above driveclub. And somehow I doubt you’ve got a xboxone and have played either. I can’t imagine you would even touch a xbox controller you hate Microsoft so much!

      • @blighty I’d be fine if that was your separate opinion, but it’s in reply to my comment so I’m going to say this elementary thing:

        MY opinion.

        No Driveclub does not destroy Horizon 2 because Horizon 2 looks 100% my kind of driving game. Halo, I’m a fan of, a big fan of. Xbox Live – looks like a service where I can send a friend request that can actually be responded to, setup a meet where EVERYONE can connect, and buy an item of the store without it crashing, giving error, or signing me out. Frankly I’m not trashing PS4, but if £300 of money gets spent on a console sometime, then the Xbox One is more likely to get used and be worth it TO ME than a PS4.

    • I’m inclined to agree with you Avenger, XBoxOne is definately looking the more appealing option at the moment. I’ve held back from going all next gen so far due to the PS4 still! looking like a newly released console with sparse software to pique my interest.
      I will get a PS4 soon but have no great urge unlike previous generations of must-have-day-one. Sony seem to have given up and called it a day after the PS3 generation lived it’s fantastic life cycle, which in my opinion is so far much superior to anything PS4 offers….they really need to get a grip otherwise be overhauled by a slightly inferior machine with better software support!

  2. Watched some Gameplay the other day and it actually looks quite good, well made, polished, etc…

    Not my type of game though. A little too ‘silly’ for me, if you don’t mind me saying!

  3. I really hope this is great for Insomniac after the mess that was Fuse.

  4. Having watched a video of the first half hour of the game, i love the humour and the visuals really do pop. I can’t say much about the gameplay just from watching a video except that i wasn’t really feeling it.

  5. My next purchase.

  6. Gameplay looks a bit boring for me and the juvenile/hipster comedy just doesn’t do it for me.

    Brilliant visuals though! I’m sure Xbone owners will enjoy this title but I doubt it’ll be revolutionary or GOTY material

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