PS4’s Share Play Feature Explained In Video Walkthrough

The Share Play feature is one of the big additions coming to the PS4 in firmware update 2.0, which releases on October 28th, and Sony has a released a short video explaining how it all works. First off the Share Play function will be available through the party chat system, and here you have two options on how to use the feature. The first option is to pass the controller virtually to your friend so they can have a go on the game you’re playing. While the game’s owner will need Plus to activate Share Play, the person taking control virtually will not.


That isn’t the case though if you want to play a multiplayer game through Share Play as all participants will need Plus. In the video a timer for one hour appears from the moment is activated, so each session can only last that long. However, it could bepossible just to start a new party and continue from where you left off, though that needs clarifying. The potential of  Share Play is pretty huge since you can practically borrow a friend’s copy, and use it as a demo to see if you like a game before buying it. Or if you need a co-op partner you can invite someone to help through Share Play.

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  1. Sounds fascinating, but a couple questions to put out there.

    1) Does Share Play stream the game data from one person’s console to another?

    2) Does it work literally with any game, or are certain games only supported?

    • I believe Sony have stated that every PS4 game will support Shareplay.

    • Yes it streams your screen to a friends PS4 and is supported by every game, though said game would need to have a traditional multiplayer option if you wanted to play competitively, otherwise you can just pass the controller.

  2. I guess single player like infamous won’t allow 2 player co op, it’s limited to games.

    I can see this feature will benefit trophy whores a lot

    • I would hope it doesn’t help with trophies at all. If you can get someone to come and do a tricky bit that gets you a trophy, that seems a bit wrong. Ok, so you can do that anyway, but you have to go to all the effort of having someone actually in the room with you.

      I hope any trophies you manage to earn while playing that way go to you, and not the person wanting to cheat. If you do something for them, it’s only right that you get the reward. If you want the trophies, learn to play the game properly and do it yourself.

      Not so much of an issue with co-op style trophies, I guess. You should both earn those.

      • I think the trophies will appear on the person’s whose game it is rather than the second contrôlée but games such as co op ones, trophies will appear on both similar to if you have 2 people playing on same PS4 (fifa) they both get trophies.

        Sony should parent this baby asap

      • Surely trophies should work the same as if you were actually sat there in front of the PS4 with the game in? Whoever is logged in with the controller gets the trophies.

        If 2 people are playing with 2 controllers, whoever earns the trophy gets it, unless it’s a trophy that both players get.

        So if you earn a trophy on someone’s game with this Share Play thing, you should earn the trophy, not the person sharing it with you. Trophies are supposed to show you’ve got some skill in the game. Or a very high boredom threshold for those “kill a billion enemies that only appear in very specific situations” (I’m looking at you, every JRPG ever!)

        (Incidentally, the 2 controller thing annoys me a bit. You can’t have 2 controllers logged in as the same PSN account? Makes using 2 controllers for those silly trivial trophies you sometimes get slightly annoying)

      • I assumed share play is like a demo of the game be it Co op or with a timer? Not trophies as the game isn’t downloaded into the system (data?) I could be wrong but I always thought of it as a demo to borrow the game.
        There will be a save for the first owner and probably can decide to whether to overwrite a save that second player has progress or not! I can see myself helping out players who may struggle to get the trophy. I agree it is meant to be a test of skill but it can’t hurt if you struggle to get one silly/hard/luck trophy? And the player will post saying I couldn’t get the Platinum but big thanks to Crazy_Del for helping me get this tough trophy! The man is a machine! lol something like that then it really isn’t a cheat just a little help needed. Well see how it goes next week.

  3. Does genuinely sound great! Hope it’s implemented well.

    • Yes, as long as it does work well enough it really could be the most defining feature of the ps4.

      • Sadly, the interwebz will be chock full of people complaining that it doesn’t work well on their crappy internet connection, as that’s what makes the news.

  4. Crazy Del could make a bloody fortune out of this :-D

    I think this could be a cracking feature… If you’re stuck on a particularly difficult section of a game that a friend is really good at, for example, or “or try before you buy”, or even some good old fashioned multiplayer…

    Looking forward to trying it out somehow :-)

    • Yup, £20 for a pesky trophy that is insanely difficult ;)

  5. Aye, it does. I can’t wait to see how it all pans out after the update.

  6. It has already been confirmed in responses on the blog that you will be able to do as many 1 hour sessions as you like.

  7. It is surely based on the remote play features, which are a little shaky, you’ll get a little lag and pixellation. I’m planning to run a network cable up my house to link a second room for ps TV, as WiFi doesn’t cut it

    • Just run the cable out of the living room window and in through the bedroom window, people’ll think it’s outdoor Crimbo lights prep :P

    • Powerline adapter should be a lot easier as long your not on a shared electric line. Most people aren’t but you got to be sure. I’ve not used them my self but here good things.

      • BT Vision uses these. My dad has some and they work perfectly.

      • Pfft. As long as you’re handy with a drill and a hammer, do it the old fashioned way, like me… The worst you’ll have to do is rip the floor boards up upstairs, the trunking bit and installing the network points is easy. If you’re lucky enough to have hollow walls you should be able to run it straight through the wall, making life even easier. Sadly, all my internal walls are solid but it’s really not that difficult :-)

  8. Is this the same feature they showed in the PS4 reveal with someone playing Knack via sharing? I didn’t know it wasn’t there at launch. Cool feature anyhow.

    • Pretty much, fella. Part of a feature set that was obviously never going to be there from launch but is finally arriving. Took their time but no complaints otherwise… unless it’s dire! :-)

      • I thought so, very early to show the feature then. As everyone else said, it could be really good if it works ok.

  9. The big question for me is the time limit. If you only stream for (say) 30 minutes, close share play and then try to go back to itwith the same friend, do you still get a full 60 minutes worth of time again?

    Like Mrjimmy said though, it’s going to be based on remote play which I’ve found to be a bit temptermental too unless streaming direct from the console in the same room.

    • I think it’s like the free inclusive phone calls you get with BT that have 1 hour time limits, you can just hang up after 50 minutes then phone up again and its fine for another hour.

    • I hope so. I can’t wait to try it out. Sounds good for trying out games that people on your friends list own.

  10. Sounds ace, with bags of potential ;)

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