Primal Carnage: Extinction Confirmed For Early 2015 On PS4

Five months ago the status of Primal Carnage: Genesis on PlayStation 4 looked dim at best. “Primal Carnage: Genesis isn’t out of the picture entirely, but it has taken a bit of a back seat to the work that our team’s been doing to greatly improve the existing [PC] game,” said Lukewarm Media founder Aaron Pollack.

All references to the PS4 version of the game had been removed from the official website and the project looked dead in the water, a shame when the game was one of the most exciting to be shown before the launch of the PS4.


Good news everyone! Primal Carnage: Extinction is launching on the Steam platform next month and will be ready for the PS4 in Q1 by early next year. The game is a class-based online multiplayer shooter in which you can play as the dinosaurs or as a human mercenary team.

The game will start with twelve maps, nine types of dinosaur and two game modes and will be supported with new weapons, modes and environments after launch.

Extinction is rather different to Primal Carnage: Genesis which was described as having “linear gameplay and open-world exploration” delivered in episodes that will be flexible enough to bend according to user feedback. The developers of that game, Lukewarm Media, seem to have vanished completely as Extinction has been created by Circle 5, a newly founded independent game design studio.

I shall leave you with the new trailer for Extinction in which a T-Rex takes down a helicopter.

Source: Twitter / Circle 5



  1. I got excited when I thought this was a new entry in the Primal Rage series. Oh well.

    • Same here, thought it was a new primal rage for a split second. That game was ace.

  2. I like the idea, but that ‘new’ trailer looked atrocious!

  3. It looks D.O.A.

  4. The first trailer is much more exciting than the second.

    here is an even better trailer

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