Halo 2 Anniversary Trailer Released, Contains New Cutscenes

Microsoft has released a new trailer for Halo 2 Anniversary Edition, which will be part of the Halo Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, and it contains all new cut scenes that expand on the series’ story. These additional scenes were created by Blur Studio, which has worked on quite a few game cinematics including Halo 4,  Batman: Arkham Origins and Elder Scrolls Online. The video looks really good and acts as a decent introduction to those who will be new to Halo.

The cinematics really do look great and there is a lot of detail in the scenes that have been shown. The release of the Master Chief Collection is only a couple of weeks away, as it releases on November 11th exclusively on Xbox One. It will contain all four of Chief’s entries, but not spin-offs Reach or ODST. A Halo 5 beta will also be available to purchasers at a later date. You may have to wait a little while to play though as the collection will require a 20GB day one update.

Source: Youtube



  1. There’s several virtually uncompressed videos from all of the games in this collection, available at Gamersyde. YouTube just doesn’t do current-gen justice.

  2. One day I will have enough money and on that day I own multiple consoles. And on that day I will play the great story of Halo.

  3. Arghhh, this looks fantastic. I expected them to just remaster the graphics, not put all these fantastic cutscenes in as well. Xbox One, you may tip my hand into the new generation of gaming.

    • I have to agree on the side of XBOne being the much more more desirable console of the latest gen with far better offerings, but I’m a daft old bugger that’s hoping PS4 will stir into life and justify my being faithful to the cause by sticking with them. Seems a bit bland at the moment compared to previous gens of Playstation after a whole frackin year of launch!
      Still, GT7 should one day dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s. ;)

      • ‘more more’ is that a stutter or a wandering finger tic? All I know is that I can’t fucking edit it out :P

  4. I will wait until it’s cheap, I can’t justify myself spending £40/45 on a xbox game

    • You are kidding right? It’s FOUR games!

      • Yes for games that’s been out since the original Xbox existed so no way. If they sell them individually on XBL then will get them

  5. I am prepared to pay £40 for this lot it’s a bargain. I am well chuffed I bought an Xbox now. The PS4 is a great system but I haven’t turned it on in 4 days now.

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