News Snatch: The Old City: Leviathan, Future Destiny DLC & Halloween

Right then, more news in bite-sized pieces and first up a lesson in marketing: How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition launches on PS4 this week. Did you know it was coming to PS4? Nope me neither, in fact the last time we covered the game was when Gareth reviewed the PC version a year ago and gave it a distinctly average 5/10.

Microsoft have quickly quashed rumours of a PC version of Sunset Overdrive as it was mistakenly listed in an advert. “On the Sunset Xbox/PC ad: Not true, this was a simple mistake and the team is aware/addressing. Sorry for any confusion!” tweeted Mike Ybarra from the Xbox Platform Development Team.

The Old City: Leviathan is an experiment in first person exploration that focuses entirely on story. You play as sewer dwelling isolationist (sounds fun!) and the story unfolds as you explore and overhear conversations between two entities. The game will be PC exclusive and released via Steam.


A hack in to the Destiny database has revealed shaders for ships and Sparrows will included in future DLC, along with a load of new ships to stare at as the game loads.

Woohoo! It’s Farming Simulator 15 and it’s out on PC soon!

Details of the remake of the first Ratchet & Clank game have emerged and it is going to take some cues from the forthcoming move.

  • The movie is a re-telling of the origin story. While it is based on the first game it is not a re-telling of the first game.
  • The game is a re-imagining of the original Ratchet & Clank using elements of the movie’s re-telling of the origin story.
  • The game will include many more areas/characters than the movie because it is just a longer format.
  • While it is a ground-up re-imagining, you will still see many familiar places/faces. All assets are being re-created, but that doesn’t mean they will all be different. It doesn’t mean they will be the same either.

Ubisoft have released a new trailer which highlights the customsation options in their forthcoming racer,The Crew.


A topical pumpkin carved by Joe Newlin

Demonic forces are are at work in AI according Tesla CEO and Space X Founder, Elon Musk, who has suggested that artificial intelligence is akin to summoning a demon.

I think we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. If I had to guess at what our biggest existential threat is, it’s probably that. So we need to be very careful with artificial intelligence.

I’m increasingly inclined to think that there should be some regulatory oversight, maybe at the national and international level, just to make sure that we don’t do something very foolish. With artificial intelligence we’re summoning the demon. You know those stories where there’s the guy with the pentagram, and the holy water, and he’s like — Yeah, he’s sure he can control the demon? Doesn’t work out.

Video games are the doorway to demonic possesion, as are raves so I am going straight to hell. However, I am taking small comfort in the knowledge that my vegetarian friends will be joining me.

Visit the postmaster in Destiny to pick up a Halloween pumpkin head.

Square Enix have a Halloween sale on their store with three pretty decent games for under £15.

And finally, where would the gaming world be without those Halloween favourites, the zombies. They have invaded almost every video game and have appeared in TV shows, movies, comics and every form of media apart from Australian soap operas. That is, until now.



  1. Looking at that list of building blocks to enter the warm underground, I’m surprised and saddened that atheism isn’t included. Was going for as many hits as possible on it. I managed 20 entries in that list. Am wondering if that gets me a guaranteed pass – want to be sure of going to somewhere with a crowd!

  2. Dude, what kind of raves do you go to? I’m always out and about in London. Going to Magna Carta 3rd birthday at Studio 338 in Greenwich next weekend. Oh, and also the Kurupt FM Garage vs Jungle Soundclash at Jamm in Brixton. Holla if you’re about!

  3. Why couldn’t anyone inform me of the impending doom before I started to read Tolkien?

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