Check Out The Halo: The Master Chief Collection Launch Trailer

Things are bit hectic behind the scenes at TSA Towers today so you will have to forgive me if I am a little brief with the introduction to the billionth video game trailer I have written up.

Here is the launch trailer for the Halo The Master Chief Collection. Watch it with your eyes. Thanks.

The “definitive Halo experience” lands on Xbox One on November 11th.

Source: YouTube



  1. Mommy dunno about this halo and halo 2 were great but for me the series went a bit downhill,especially the spin offs.

  2. Mommy where the hell did that comments from..supposed mmmm!

  3. Can’t wait to replay them, apparently digital users can start pre-loading the 20GB day one patch. Which has turned out to be “just” 15GB.

  4. Will get it when it’s £20 no way is it worth the price of a new game

    • I don’t know – I feel that due to the fact you are actually getting 4 games, it’s pretty good value.

      Of course the value scales with the amount of the games you have played already (so someone who has played them all will see decidedly less value), but considering things like TLoU remastered came out at full price for one game (the same game that was released literally months earlier), I think it’s pretty good.

      • Yeh that’s true, I haven’t really played halo 1&2 since original xbox one but I just feel like if we keeping shelling out money for these so called remastered we never going get new games on our shiny new £330 money well spent console.

        I feel like there is more remastered compared to new games on new gen & it’s because people keep buying them

      • Yeah, to be honest, the precedent was set for that last gen when all the PS2 remasters started coming out.

        There are a few games I will happily replay (like sleeping dogs for example), but like you I am more into the new experiences where I can get them. However, seeing the lineup for next year (albeit filled with games that were supposed to be out this year!) fills me with hope that new stuff is coming & doesn’t seem to be slowing down once this gen truly gets into it’s groove.

        There’s another way to look at it though – The remasters can tide you over until such a time as when the games you have been looking forward to are actually out. The alternative would of course be that there would be nothing to play in the meantime & with that being the case I know which scenario I prefer. :)

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