Mass Effect Trilogy On PS4/Xbox One,”When” Rather Than “If”?

There are two ways to read the the tweet from Aaryn Flynn, General Manager of BioWare’s Edmonton & Montreal studios. The first is pessimistic, the tweet means nothing and does not confirm that that the original Mass Effect trilogy is coming to the new(ish) consoles.

The second, the optimistic option, is to note that Aaryn tweets that Bioware will give more news on the project “when” then have it, indicating that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One extra shiny versions of the game are being worked on but they don’t want to talk about them yet.

You can make your own mind up, I’m going to guess that the trilogy will arrive, probably six months or so before a brand new Mass Effect, and they will be using Bioware’s next-gen engine to make the games extra shiny. That way they get to remind everyone about the brand and bring in new gamers to the universe before launching a whole new chapter.

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  1. So hope this happens, i really enjoyed all of the games and would happily play them again.

  2. Only played 2 and 3 (PS3), just the interactive comic for 1 to do the choices. Such a great story, and the graphics weren’t bad then.

    Only thing is, if the dlc is included, it would likely take months to properly complete all the missions!

    • Exactly… There’s easily 200-300 hours in playing through ALL the Mass Effects. That’s a hell of a commitment to games many have already played in part. Still, great news for those that haven’t.

  3. I only ever played the 2nd one and loved it, it is the only game I’ve ever completed twice. I Keep meaning to play the other two but I’ve been holding out in the hope that they would announce them for next gen.

    I’m commenting on all the things today as I have no work to do!

  4. I’d buy them. I bought them for the PS3 but sold my PS3 not long after.

    Actually, I still have the trilogy if someone wants to buy them.

    • Realised after writing this that it might be against the rules to try sell through the comments section. Apologies if it is. Was just thinking I should try shift them eventually.

      • I don’t think you broke the rules with what you said – You just noted that you have the trilogy & that you might sell. Wasn’t like you linked to an ebay page or anything.

        Although if you wanted to do that, I am sure the forums would be the appropriate place! ;)

  5. Please please make this happen, one of the best trilogies out there besides 3 ending but let’s not talk about it. This & uncharted & God of war needs to happen

    • Hang on a mo, what was that you were saying about remasters before??? ;)

      • Ha! You know what as soon as I wrote this I knew it was going come back & bite me. I just don’t justify paying the full price for a remastered game

      • Bloody hypocrite! ;)

        Seriously though, that’s ok – You just see more value in some remasters rather than others. Which is of course perfectly fine.

      • Haha TSA remembers, TSA always remembers.

  6. Awesome I’d be down for this.

  7. THere’s talk about the usual 1080/60 upgrade but the thing that has me intrigued is the plan to not only add all the DLC (finally!) but integrate it seamlessly into the campaign as if it was always there.
    If they get that done I’ll be sold day one.

  8. ME2 is the only one i would play again, hope the new game is more like that.

  9. I wonder if they would also include ME3 multiplayer.

    • Doubt it, they’ll be looking after the servers for the 4th Mass Effect game, think they’ll be happy leaving it at that.

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