The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth – A Beginner’s Guide

The Binding of Isaac can be a bit overwhelming at first. Certainly, when I first played the original version, I felt as though I didn’t really know what to do, and didn’t see the appeal of it all. But all it took was for one friend to tell me a few hints and tips and guide me through the first levels before I was hooked, and ending up clocking days worth of playtime.

Now, The Binding Isaac: Rebirth is out on PS4, PS Vita, and PC, and it’s free on the former two platforms for PlayStation Plus subscribers. While this remake goes a bit further to explain certain things, it can still be a bit confusing at first. So we’ve put together this beginner’s guide with plenty of hints and tips to get you started with the game.


Top Tips

Avoid enemies like the plague.
This might seem obvious, but health is precious in Isaac – there’s a long way to go to the end, and you won’t want to have low health or you’ll be restarting before you know it. Remember, if you die then that’s it.

It’s a twin-stick shooter.
So play it like one – use the D-Pad or left stick to move around all the time while firing with the right stick or directional buttons – don’t stand still, and keep firing those tears

Douse the flames.
While rocks don’t usually have anything in them, fires which appear around the levels often do, and this can be a great way to get coins or hearts.

Don’t rush to the boss.
Although you might just want to get through the first level and onto the next, you should try to explore every room on each floor before heading to the boss. That way you’ll be fully equipped to take them on, and for the subsequent levels.

Try again.
If you fail – and you will fail at some point, everyone has a bad run – then don’t be disheartened. It’ll be randomly generated, sure, so you can’t exactly predict what’s coming next but you might get better upgrades this time and you’ll know the enemy patterns better.

It’s not over.
Once you’ve completed the game for the first time, that’s only really the start of things. There’s also all of the DLC expansion content in Rebirth too, and then a whole lot more new to this version of the game, so just restart and go beyond the end.

Don’t trust all items.
Some items – we cover them down there – might seem like a good idea but actually have bad side effects, such as the tick which makes bosses less powerful but gets stuck so you can’t pick up anything instead, or the cat’s head which gives you nine lives, but resets to one heart each time you die. That’s probably worse than just dying, as it’s too hard to progress.

Okay, now that we’ve got those slightly condescending tips out of the way, we can get onto the bigger stuff – we’ll tell you all about secret rooms, items, shops, abilities and more.

Pick Ups

A lot of these pick ups are self explanatory – keys open doors or boxes (go for the gold ones before the others) while bombs blow up rocks, walls, and can damage enemies. Currency in the form of coins should be pretty self-explanatory too. There are of course hearts which will restore your health, but then there are soul hearts which extend your health but disappear completely after you’ve lost them. The same goes for black hearts, which are new to rebirth, although those deal damage to enemies in the room upon depletion.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth_20141106215429

Beyond that, you’ll find pills which either provide bonuses or are detrimental to your character’s stats, as well as having other random effects such as teleporting you. There are also tarot cards which work similarly to pills but have a larger range of card-specific effects.

Items, Trinkets & Followers

The items, which are either passive or can be used actively, are the bread and butter of Isaac. These come as upgrades, with plenty of them stacking on top of each other to turn your character into a grotesque – yet powerful – creature. There’s hundreds of them in total and while some of them explain what they do when picked up, you might want to look at a wiki or guide if you don’t think it’s added anything.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth_20141106225815

Although plenty of these items stack, there are items which can be used as limited power-ups, and these will appear with a gauge next to them in the top left. These have a wide array of effects, allowing you to unleash large attacks or simply jump over gaps in the floor. These need to be recharged by refilling the gauge, completing rooms to do so. Trinkets work similarly in that you can only hold one at a time, but instead of being one-use, their effects – such as health regeneration or improving item drops – are persistent until you swap them for another one.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth_20141106142533

Followers are a unique type of attack item which, instead of having to be actively used by you, will float around your character’s head and even fire its own projectiles at the enemy, or bring its own unique ability to the game. There are plenty of these in-game, with some even protecting your character defensively rather than attacking the enemies.

Special Rooms

While many of the rooms in games are randomly populated with enemies and chests, there are some rooms which will be very much the same in each playthrough, whether they’re shops, item rooms, or something secret. We’ll cover some of the more basic ones (as well as a couple we feel need to be explained) now.

Item Rooms

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth_20141106214151

These rooms with a golden door which you’ll usually need a key to unlock house an item on a pedestal for you to take. It’s always worth hunting these out, though it can sometimes be a bit disappointing when you pick something up and the thing you’re already holding is better!


The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth_20141106220336

In the shop you’ll find a few items to buy with the coins you’ve collected. It features everything from hearts to pick ups and even larger items, which will naturally cost more. The Steam Sale item cuts the prices of everything in the shop by 50%.

Sacrifice Room

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth_20141106173808

You may come to a room which looks a little bit like a dungeon and features nothing but a set of spikes in the middle. Here, you can stand on the spikes and sacrifice your health in order to make chests appear.

Devil Room

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth_20141106182027

This room is quite intriguing. Here, you can trade away a piece of your HP or two (permanently – you won’t be able to collect hearts to get it back up, but HP+ items will gain those back) for an item. It’s a bit of a risk, but the reward might be worth it.


We naturally don’t want to spoil anything, but the secrets here aren’t things you’d usually find by chance, instead only looking for them after having them pointed out to you.

Secret Rooms

We’ll cover this one first, because there’s one in every level and it may be something you pass by without knowing about it, and it can be a huge help. These rooms can be found by blowing up the centre of a wall to reveal an entrance. That might sound vague, but you’re more likely to find it bordering three rooms or in the middle of four rooms when you look on the mini-map – essentially in the gaps between non-joining rooms.

The gallery of images above shows the process of guessing a secret room location, before blowing up the wall to access the room, and then the inside of the room itself. Look at its location on the map – it’ll be in places such as that.

Black Rocks

Although there are plenty of rocks in the game, either used as an obstacle or for decoration, there is a certain breed of rock which is effectively a chest and will contain items – usually soul hearts, but not limited to them. To open it, you’ll need to blow it up, revealing the prizes inside.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth_20141106132239

See that rock below the bomb in the image above? That’s the one we’re talking about.

Creating bridges

If you don’t have an ability such as flying or jumping to allow you to cross a gap in the world, you can create a bridge by blowing up an adjacent rock. The debris will then pave the way across for you, as you can see in the images below.

We hope this guide helps you discover the brilliance of The Binding of Isaac – let us know how you get on with this game and post any questions in the comments below!



  1. I was wondering what the rooms with nothing in them but spikes were for and now I know! I also once found a room that looked like his bedroom and I didn’t have a clue what to do in it. Any ideas people or is it just there to look pretty?

    • I’ve played 30-40 hours of the original and 10+ hours of Rebirth and I haven’t seen that! Might be new for the remake?

      • Should have took a screenshot, always forget about the share feature until it is to late.

        His bed wobbled a bit when you walked into it but that was all that happened. Think is it new for the remake as I never saw it on the original either.

      • After a quick Google, it seems that the bedroom you refer to may be a secret room – Found a video where the guy was bumping into the bed as you alluded to, but also went to sleep (denoted by the black screen & z z z) & then blew a hole in a rug to find a staircase.

        Can’t be certain it was the same room of course, but it seemed to be similar to what you were describing.

  2. One of these would have been really useful when I first played the original, for a beginners guide you made it fairly comprehensive. For anyone just getting into the game prepare to be addicted, this thing can be a time sink before you know it.

  3. Handy guide, i spent some time on it yesterday but was really going in blind so this will help.

  4. I saw this guide and thought I haven’t downloaded this game. I’ve thought what was the big noise on about this game. An hour after starting the game I was totally transfixed with it, totally amazing game.

  5. I’m afraid the game is lost on me, a fairly uninspiring twin stick shooter with perma death. I’ve got better things to do than fight the same level one boss over and over.

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