Community Chronicle: 09/11/14


It’s time for the latest update of the 2014 leaderboard, where we can see the early shuffling of places that has gone on. For a brief introduction to how it works, here’s a recap of AIR‘s explanation:

This leaderboard is going to be ran a little differently to the others in that we will be looking at your percentage gain in trophy points over the course of the year. Now the way to enter is pretty simple and is detailed below along with some other rules:

  1. You must update your trophy card once if already listed on the main board in February or at any point thereafter and this will be used as your “Start Point” for the year.
  2. If you are a new to the TSA Trophy Leaderboard, you will be added upon your first update that I see on the leaderboard.
  3. People deemed to be cheating will be removed from the leaderboard.
  4. The 2014 Leaderboard will be run in tandem with the TSA Trophy Leaderboard, tracking the same trophy card updates.
  5. In the event two or more entrants have the same percentage gain. The person who is highest in the TSA Trophy Lederboard while be ranked higher.

As an aside, PS4 trophies will only show up in your trophy card if you have set these to be viewable by everyone in your privacy settings.

If any questions or suggestions just ask in the comments or in the forum thread.

It’s possible that trophy cards are now updating automatically, as long as you log into the new PlayStation site once, though to be on the safe side, assume that they don’t. So, if you’d like to be counted on the leaderboard, then you’ll need to head over to the forums, and say so in this thread. Doing so will also get you onto the 2014 leaderboard.

Position Name Position Change Start Point Current % gain
1 Avengerrr 0 21810 30585 40.23%
2 Lyts1985 0 65205 88425 35.61%
3 shev88 1 69555 86190 23.92%
4 dividsmythe -1 89040 108585 21.95%
5 Bluet0nes 1 39870 46845 17.49%
6 PoorPaddy89 -1 74550 87405 17.24%
7 citizeninsane45 3 122445 141195 15.31%
8 Forrest_01 -1 174900 199035 13.80%
9 freezebug2 -1 132045 149070 12.89%
10 shrek9 2 269085 301620 12.09%
11 zb100 -2 48240 54030 12.00%
12 Crazy_Del -1 298470 328755 10.15%
13 Youles 0 105180 114975 9.31%
14 teflon6678 0 74670 80955 8.42%
15 Wilbossman 0 139320 151005 8.39%
16 tonycawley 0 82590 87855 6.37%
17 McProley 1 92670 98220 5.99%
18 Cerberus64 2 148965 155955 4.69%
19 ron_mcphatty 0 39855 41475 4.06%
20 BAMBO_19 1 108345 111855 3.24%
21 LKB1 1 123030 126210 2.58%
22 germ1984 1 216570 216570 0.00%
23 ron_mcphatty 1 41475 41475 0.00%
24 LegendishThingy 1 39060 39060 0.00%
25 silverleo9166 NEW ENTRY 38490 38490 0.00%
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  1. Cheers for the mention Tef, and for the leaderboards AIR, top stuff!

  2. Cheers for the shout out Tef, and the honorary platinum :-) damn I wish the Wii U had achievements/trophies… I doubt there are many who had the patience to 100% 3D World! Lol.

    Ha, and damn you Avengerrr, that’s gunna take some beating on the 2014 leaderboard! Gunna have to get cracking on my backlog I think… Well played sir.

    Youles, congrats on the PvZ platinum mate, there are a few tough/time consuming trophies in there, nice one :-)

    • I’m sure they’ll catch up and add something like trophies/achievements for the Wii U Too. I mean, they’ve even got an online store these days, so things like proper account-based digital ownership and trophies must be right around the corner, eh?

      • Ha, yeah, if only! Nintendo being so famously flexible and attentive to their fans requests n all ;-)

        I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they announced their retirement from home consoles after the Wii U unfortunately. They seem very much aimed towards bringing all their major franchises to their portable consoles and with the Wii U receiving such a lukewarm reception from devs and the public… I can see the U being Ninty’s swan song. That’ll be an awfully sad day for me, and very likely the end of my Nintendo love affair :-(

    • Cheers, although you clearly have had a bigger gain in points and therefore way more trophies gained than me over the year so far. So nice one there!

      • Thanks fella, but I think the biggest gain in points has to go to Del or R1MJAW :-)

        Ah, but percentage points mean prizes here so as long as you pull in a couple more platinums you’ll be unstoppable :-P

        Still, I’m working on it and we’ve got 6 weeks to go, only co-op to go and I’ll have the Advanced Warfare platinum, plus I have a few in the backlog… I can but try!


      • In earnest you’ll likely get back in to first place. The big jump in my trophy count came in the summer, and now I’m thoroughly busy with work and Uni, so the trophy count isn’t going to see massive jumps in number.

      • Destiny has pretty much single handedly wiped out my trophy progress, as in some cases I am not actually playing anything else!

        Soo addicted!

        However, the first stage in addressing a problem is accepting that you have one, so perhaps it’ll get better from now on!

        … Or not.

    • Cheers mate, let me know if you ever need a hand with any such as Crazy difficulty or any online trophies ;)

      • You can count on it at some point mate, ta muchly, it’s just a matter of finding a day\time that works for both of us… Or our other halves more to the point :-D

      • Haha, very true! Am sure we can squeeze it in sometime!

      • ‘Other halves’?? ‘Squeezing it in’??

        There’s a dirty joke there somewhere…

        Must. Resist. The. Smut.

  3. I missed the update about Share Play and AW, good to hear it’s still on the cards.

    Out of curiosity, how many people are planning on getting GTA V? I’m wondering how much stuff there will be to do online with other TSA’ers.

    • I am buying it again gazza! :)

      • Getting it on Christmas as I will be busy with Assassin’s Creed this month.

      • Yay!

  4. I’m surprised there wasn’t the habitual mention of F1 this weekend. I can’t wait to see the highlights tonight of the race. Things are heating up in that Rosberg Hamilton face off and it would be great for Williams to hustle in on the action as well.

  5. ‘Nerves of steel’ I like it! xD Cheers for the mention Tef on my opinion on Share Play and achievements :)
    Also congrats to everyone on their gaming accomplishments =D

  6. Ha! Melodramatic. It’s cakes controversial

  7. I finally finished Catherine !

    • Nice one. Probably one of the biggest surprises I’ve had from PS+, in that I was expecting it to be utter tripe but I actually really enjoyed it. The story hooked me in and, by Christ, towards the end it is really challenging! Well worth a punt.

      • It really was difficult at the end. And I played on Easy. The story got me in the end. Very different. I didn’t get the ending I desired. I would finish it again just to get a different ending :p

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