Here Is Grand Theft Auto V’s PS4 & Xbox One Launch Trailer

Rockstar has just released the launch trailer for the new generation version of Grand Theft Auto V, which looks at both the gameplay as well as the cutscenes in the game. You’ll spot the better visuals including the reflections in the vehicle paintwork, as well as very quick glimpses of the larger crowds that will populate this upgraded Los Santos. Of course you also see Trevor, Michael, and Franklin interacting with some of the colorful characters that reside in this world.


Grand Theft Auto V is one of the biggest selling games of all time, reaching over 34 million copies since launch, and that figure is only set to rise by a huge amount from next week. It was also recently revealed that the new gen GTA V will get a first person mode. The game is launching Novmeber 18th on PS4 and Xbox One, while the PC release will occur on January 27th.

Source: Youtube



  1. Fapp, Fapp

  2. This or Far Cry 4? I’m in a pickle.

  3. I’ll be picking this up on Wednesday. Can’t wait as I skipped the PS3 release.

    • Same here, though I skipped ps3 because I didn’t really enjoy gta4. From what I’ve heard though they’ve put the fun back into gta with this one so I reckon I’ll get it at some point.

      • Yeah, it’s a ton more fun than GTA IV – I personally enjoyed the somewhat darker story of IV, but it was nice to see the fun injected back in with V.

    • Me too, still need to get around to pre-ordering though, just waiting for a good PS4 bundle deal!

  4. Actually pre-ordered this. Because shiny.

  5. Will wait for a sale, my time shall be spent fighting aliens in space and having risqué conversations with elves.

    Can’t justify spending full price on this.

  6. Really want to play through this again. I blitzed the campaign in the 1st week it was out on ps3. Haven’t played it since.

    Problem is AC: Unity this week and Dragon Age next week. Can’t justify spending on another new game.

  7. I wonder if they’ve managed to HD this a bit more man I might get some Pißwasser ready for launch. It seems so appealing.

  8. I might have to put this on my xmas list but i am feeling the hype! :)

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