New Tony Hawk Game Coming To Consoles Next Year

Skating used to be cool. It was the thing for gaming, with Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and then Underground series proving quite popular. After that, though, the games dwindled and sales, and despite Skate’s best attempts to reinvigorate the genre, even that became stale after a couple of revisits.

The last console Tony Hawk title to release was a HD remix of original Pro Skater levels, and although a mobile game was meant to release, named Shred Session, that had been postponed indefinitely.


Now, Tony Hawk has announced (as you can see in the tweet above) that he’s working with Activision to develop a new console game for next year. Hopefully that means PS4 and Xbox One, and the teaser that fans of Pro Skater will be hyped is quite exciting indeed.

We’ll hopefully find out more soon.



  1. Skateboarding still is cool! I still regularly go for a blast at 31!
    Hopefully this will be more pro skater like,as they are the tony hawk games I enjoyed the most.

    • Tony still goes for one and he’s about 62 ;)

  2. Tony Hawk’s was -the- local coo-op game when I was younger. Spent days on end in the warehouse. Hope this one is as much fan as the originals.

  3. What a joke! Skating still is, and always will be cool. I too still skate at 33, and have dedicated 20 years of my life to it. It takes proper dedication and commitment. It’s a whole lifestyle.

    And as for Skate (a zillion times better than THPS imo), it’s been in the top 40 for the last 4 years. How is that dwindling sales?!

    • It’s also been heavily reduced for a number of years. The last one went down in price pretty quick if I recall.

      Don’t get me wrong, I really like Skate & really want to see it return for PS4, but I equally like THPS for different reasons. Skate for slightly more realistic skating (in terms of controls of course) & hall of meat, THPS for ridiculous tricks & score combos.

      I am kind of excited about this news after he messed with my emotions by saying he as working on a new game & then revealing it was a mobile title.

  4. Hopefully this will help support the destitute Hawks family. lol

  5. Jeepers TH was the skater kid back when I was a kid, 25 years ago! Is he still at it? Surely there must be someone else to step into his shoes and promote skateboarding in games?

  6. Skate never got stale for me. Number 4 please!!

  7. THPS would have been my first platinum trophy if such things existed back then.
    I loved that game.

  8. Skating is still cool, I can prove it but my board broke in half…. stupid boardslide grind, should have tailgrind it but always fall on me arse. Anyhoo I loved Skate and THPS went downhill in the past. I still have the classics THPS. I want insane combo skills to make a return :)

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