Relativity And Lost Orbit Announced For PS4, Arriving 2015

Two very different games have been announced for PlayStation 4, stylish space dodge ‘em up Lost Orbit, and the M C Escher inspired puzzle adventure Relativity.

Lost Orbit is fast paced action game and has been described by ex Darksiders developers PixelNAUTS as a death simulator, or more precisely, a dodge ’em up. Playing as a “pathetic hero” you must race about the play area before he freezes or starves to death in the depths of space.

“Space travel is dangerous, and the universe of Lost Orbit is no exception,” said PixelNAUTS. “There is no baby proofing present. As a lone, ship-less astronaut, you are extremely vulnerable. Lost Orbit is challenging and you will die a lot, but we wanted to create an experience where players didn’t feel punished for dying. Dying in Lost Orbit happens quickly, is humorous and is easy to recover from.”

In complete contrast, Chicago based artist and indie game developer, Willy Chyr, has announced that his game, Relativity, will also be coming to PlayStation 4 next year.

“Relativity is a game that re-imagines the laws of the universe and asks, what if the normal rules of gravity no longer applied? The basic mechanic of the game is the ability to change gravity, allowing you to re-orient yourself to walk on walls and ceilings. In this world, up is down and down is up. It’s all relative,” explained Willy.

The game sounds like it will mess with your head, there is no up or down so when you fall off a platform the world wraps around on itself, so you simply land back where you fell off from.

By my count these are the fifth and sixth indie games to be announced for PlayStation 4 this week, Sony has been busy.

Source PS Blog 1/2



  1. Both of those look right up my street!

  2. Relativity sounds like the two echochrome games, which I loved. So tricky but satisfying to complete

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