Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy Announced For PS Vita

Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy. Let’s just dip are hand in to this big box of gaming name clichés and use the first four that come out, shall we. I’m quite surprised they didn’t manage to fit in a “Soul” as well, Fantasy Soul Hero: Unsigned Legacy, that works just as well doesn’t it?


Anyways, play as one of the four fully voice-acted heroes and slash, wrestle (?), shoot, or punch you way through various enemies and robots.The game has 4 player co-op and will be supported with DLC packs.

You can read more about the characters on the official site, which lists their stats along with their “dream”, and in true Miss Universe style they include “world peace”  and “travel the world.”

Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy will be released digitally in the United States in early December 2 whilst Europe gets it’s sometime during Q1 next year.

Source: Arc System Works



  1. That trailer says you can “slash, wrestle, shoot or roboton” enemies. And wrestle was the word you thought deserving of a question mark? Not roboton. Which isn’t even a real word.

    On the plus side, you can defeat an Elefunky. But rather disturbingly a Cat Wizard has evaded the attack. The idea of a Cat Wizard is a bit worrying. If cats can do magic, that’s not going to end well. Assuming they can find time between sleeping, eating and inappropriate licking to do magic things.

    Yes, I do pause Youtube videos to read tiny bits of text.

    • You don’t usually wrestle things in RPG hence the “whuh?”

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