Fantasy Hero ~Unsigned Legacy~ Review

In amidst the Nintendo Switch gold rush, porting across Fantasy Hero ~Unsigned Legacy~ feels like an odd choice. Originally released for PlayStation Vita, the game is an action JRPG with hack ‘n slash mechanics and borrows most of its gameplay from the Monster Hunter franchise, which makes for a familiar if less than memorable experience.

In a further nod to its peers, the game’s story is clearly inspired by Attack on Titan and involves humanity coming under attack by monsters, resulting in some survivors of this onslaught finding refuge in a tiny village. Quite luckily, someone then develops technology that can be used to help the humans fight back, albeit in nowhere near as inventive or acrobatic a fashion as Attack on Titan, and so a couple of brave warriors set out to save the world.


Fantasy Hero’s characters really do lack personality, but there’s the usual Japanese wackiness that comes with anime-inspired games which does lighten the mood from time to time. The game’s art style and quality within dialogue and cut scenes can seem a bit dated, given how the game is only a few years old, and the in-game visuals do nothing to dispel that fact with . The game looks like the low budget PS Vita game that it is. The game actually looks much better in handheld mode, as the lacklustre graphics aren’t quite as obvious.

Within Fantasy Hero’s format, there’s a little hub town that you’re able to visit in order to upgrade equipment that you’ve acquired in your adventure. You can also upgrade your character’s strength and select missions via a billboard, before heading off to wander around achieving objectives in whatever location the mission is in. Unfortunately, the interface for the most part is terrible, and upgrading a character in particular can be a lot harder than it needs to be.

The game does feature some awful grinding segments at the outset which can be very discouraging to new players. The different characters you control do at least have a range of diverse abilities, and while this works to keep you interested, the difficulty of some enemies can be awfully high at random points. At least the combat itself is easy to learn with just light and heavy attacks and some special attacks via simple button combos. Progress can be slow in terms of upgrading your character and then getting through the story, but this does eventually improve, even though it leans pretty hard on the grind in places.

What’s Good:

  • Anime humour is quite good in places

What’s Bad:

  • Terrible Graphics
  • Unoriginal
  • Grindy at nearly every opportunity

It’s rare that I can’t find positives to talk about in detail, and it’s a real shame that Fantasy Hero ~Unsigned Legacy~ game wasn’t improved in any way, but simply ported with no tangible improvements over the PS Vita original. Fantasy Hero has the occasional solid mechanic in place, but neither the story nor its gameplay boast any interest or originality. This game may have been considered pretty average upon its original release in 2014, but by modern standards it’s incredibly poor.

Score: 3/10

Version Tested: Nintendo Switch

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