There’s A Peripheral That Makes PS TV Portable, More Expensive Than Vita

So here’s one of the strangest ideas that I’ve seen recently, and that is the Dekavita 7. This isn’t a new console in the Vita range but instead a peripheral that makes the PS TV portable. As in a shell that turns the PS TV box into a Vita but without the same capabilities of the handheld, like the touch pads. This device would allow you to plug in you PSTV into it so you can play while on the move. The report comes from Japanese site Inside Games, and there are some pictures too.

It isn’t Sony making this device but a company called Game Tech. The most bizarre thing though is the price tag. Dekavita 7 is more expensive than the actual PS Vita console in Japan. It’d be cheaper to own both the PSTV and the Vita instead. I’m all for interesting and useful peripherals, but this shell seems utterly useless and way overpriced. In Japan the Vita is priced around 19,200 yen while this is 19,800 yen. I honestly can’t see who would buy this.

Source: Inside Games & Game Tech via GAF



  1. Only thing is that after testing the Vita TV with Remote Play and playing on the Wii U, I can definitely see the appeal of this device. Something that’s not smart, but gives you a decent sized 7 inch screen to play PS4 games on when the PS4’s screen is otherwise occupied.

    The only problem is with that addition of lag, and so I really hope that when Sony do come to revising the PS4 (sleek as it is) they drastically overhaul the circuitry to give a better quality of output for both streaming and remote play, and also optimise it in the same way that the Wii U does, so that there really is no perceivable lag.That would be quite awesome.

    • Yes, exactly. Seems way better for home than having to use a Vita which is more suited for on-the-go use.

  2. I can see the appeal of a bigger screen but at that price I can’t see it selling well… The Japanese do like their gadgets so you never know!

  3. Looks a bit large to be ‘portable’ unless we are are talking 1980’s mobile phones that required a car trailer for transportation.
    I doubt anyone would be able to hold up that mass for a lengthy gaming session before tennis elbow or fiddlers cramp crept in anyway!

  4. Clever idea, a good way round the limitations of remote play on the Vita, but it looks a bit like a cobbled together product of an illicit Wii-U-Vita romance. I’d quite like my Vita to show the PS4 visuals but still be ble to use the DualShock 4 paired with the PS4, Sony have helpfully directed me to a forum to ask for such a feature after I tweeted them, I’m skeptical but hopeful.

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