Goat Simulator Becomes An MMO In Latest Patch

As if Goat Simulator wasn’t crazy enough already, developer Coffee Stain Studios has announced a new expansion, turning the popular PC title into an MMORPG. Launching this Thursday, patch 1.2 will be completely free for users to download via Steam.


Though we’ve yet to see a proper in-game walk through, Goat MMO Simulator (as it’s being called) looks to be more than just a multiplayer sandbox with over-the-top physics. Screenshots posted by Coffee Stain show NPCs with life bars, classes, a world map, skills, and even an inventory system.  It even has a sizeable level cap of 101, one level above a certain popular MMO.

The developer has yet to comment on whether the expansion will be coming to mobile versions of the game. Goat Simulator can be picked up via Steam for £6.99 or on iTunes for £2.99.



  1. Do this many people really want to be goats?

  2. The graphics look a bit gruff, but the gameplay as goat to be good right?

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