GTA Online’s Character Transfer Issues Solved With Patch

Even the perfectionists at Rockstar aren’t immune to bugs. Although considerably better than last year’s launch of GTA Online, those returning found out that if they hadn’t played the game since last year, then their account would not transfer over as expected.

Rockstar have released a patch for the PS4 version of the game, which is over 1GB in size, and should be available everywhere now. This patch addresses all of the transfer issues, meaning you’ll be able to get your character, and the patch will be available on Xbox One soon if not already.


You should be able to download the patch without issue, as Sony have increased the number of servers to download it from, but if you run into a CE-32937-4 error, then you’ll just have to try again. Rockstar are now listing the issue as resolved, however.

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Source: Rockstar Support



  1. It’s good Sony increased the number of servers – I started downloading it at about 18:30 last night and it took over an hour with 20Mb (LAN) connection!

    • You are on Sony’s LAN?!

      • Lol, I wish.

        I guess Ethernet would be more accurate, my PS4 connection status just says LAN (rather than WiFi). ;)

        Either way it was bloody slow!

  2. Glad there are more servers as I had a lot of “cannot download” messages when trying to download the last one.

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