Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare Getting Exo Zombies DLC Early 2015

Zombies were confirmed for Advanced Warfare just before release, but unlike other CoD games featuring the mode for free, this time around the undead are being held in additional DLC packs. The content itself will be available from January, at least on Xbox Live, as part of the Havoc DLC. According to the press release this will include the first chapter of Exo Zombies, which suggests a campaign similar to Ghosts’ Extinction.


The trailer itself shows a soldier running from a horde of zombies, but he is rescued and pulled into a helicopter. The bad news is that the exo-suits the zombies are wearing are still active, which means that they can jump really high. You can see where this is going, but for the full conclusion of footage just hit play. The exo does look like it could freshen up the zombie mode, but it’d have to be seen in practice first.

Source: Youtube/PR