Latest Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Shows The Batmobile’s Weapons In Action

A new piece of footage for Batman: Arkham Knight has been released by Rocksteady, the second in the three part series showing the ACE Chemicals infiltration. Where the first video had Batman himself as the main focus this one is much more concerned with the firepower and manoeuvrability of the Batmobile. In the trailer the Batman finds himself fighting some tanks, and uses his vehicle to rain down fire on the enemy.


The Batmobile also appears very agile thanks to the wheels changing position, allowing the car to slide from side to side to avoid incoming missiles. Personally I didn’t find this trailer as impressive as the other ACE Chemicals one, but it still serves to show how the Batmobile can be utilised within Arkham Knight.

Source: Youtube 



  1. The Ace Chemicals trailer was fantastic, I agree this isn’t as exciting but it’s good to see that the Batmobile has some character of its own. I hope I can enjoy this game only having played Asylum, which was reeeeally good.

  2. atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed.

    can’t wait for this one.
    really liked Asylum, loved City, Rocksteady back at the helm, should be awesome.

    if warner don’t pull too much stuff out of the game for sale as dlc later.

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