Mysterious Emagon Trailer Appears Online, All To Be Revealed December 5th

The Spanish PlayStation Youtube channel has just released a new trailer for some mysterious project called Emagon. The trailer is in Spanish, so if you can speak the language you may be able to work out what is going on. The date the trailer references is December 5th, the same day as Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards, so it could be one of the world premier titles that will be revealed at the event, with more information to come at Sony’s PlayStation Event the following days.


A rough translation has been given on the narration on NeoGAF, with the voiceover apparently saying:

“20 years. It’s a lot of time. Look around you and see everything you have achieved. You have reigned on infinite places, you have conquered and freed, you have built and destroyed. You have been the light before the darkness. However, this time is different. This time, it is real. For the first time your actions have real consequences. They need your help. The power to change things is in your hands. “

This week is PlayStation’s anniversary so it is likely that is being referenced. After all the things in the translation do amount to things people have done in games. The “this time is different” bit makes me think maybe Sony is referencing a Morpheus title. The video description doesn’t give much away either, with that just saying, “Discover the best kept secret on PlayStation.”

What do you think this is about?

Source: Youtube/NeoGAF



  1. The plant growing out the ground part looks like its going to merge in to Linkin Park’s In the End video!

  2. Emagon=no game
    What to make on that, I don’t know…

  3. Ooh i wonder what it is .. my emagon-ation is running riot.. :P

  4. Emagine what this could be….Skyrim-killer ? :P

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