Curve Is Bringing Ultratron To PS4, PS3 & Vita Next Year

Curve Digital has announced that it is bringing Puppygames’ Ultratron to PlayStation platforms in 2015. The game is already available to purchase for PC, Mac, and Linux. Ultratron is essentially inspired by twin stick shooters like Robotron, and it will feature a two player co-op mode as well as difficulty that adapts to each individual player. There are 40 levels to play through with four boss fights spread across the game.


There’s no solid release date just at the moment, but some screens were released showing what the game will look like whether you’re playing on the big screen, or on your Vita. The trailer I’ve embedded above, which is for the PC version, gives a hint to the Ultratron’s soundtrack.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Wow. Shite.

    • I wouldn’t go that far, but i’m sure glad i never paid for Titan Attacks when i came out.

      • What does the decision to pay for Titan Attacks have to do with your decision to come out? On that point, much respect to you, great news that you’ve come out.

      • Bloody typo…lol

      • it came out, not I dammit…

  2. Art style reminds me of Titan Attacks, which was a neat little shooter but this is by a different dev so will have to see. At the right price it will probably add to my retro shooter collection.

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