Destiny’s First Expansion Gets A Launch Trailer

Coming next week, The Dark Below is the first of two Destiny expansions available as part of the season pass or for just under £20 individually. This first pack will raise the level cap by offering new Light-infused armour, as well as a lot of new gameplay. Here’s a trailer detailing most of the content:


What might be most exciting though is the new six player raid; I’m sure that this campaign makes up the most of the DLC, with your team exploring the titular Dark Below, but it’s likely that this will play a big part in story missions and the strike too.

Those on PlayStation will get exclusive content, with another brand new strike mission which takes you back to The Black Garden, as well as a quad barrel shotgun known as The 4th Horseman. You can expect this expansion to be available in next week’s store update, which is on Tuesday in the US or on Wednesday in Europe.