Street Fighter V Announced, Console Exclusive On PS4

Well, that’s a big one. Just a day before the PlayStation Experience kicks off this weekend, and mere hours before The Game Awards tonight, Capcom have unveiled Street Fighter V, and it’ll be coming exclusively to PS4 and PC.

That’s right: no Street Fighter V for Xbox One owners.

The trailer doesn’t give much away, though does give a nice insight into how Street Fighter has competitively changed the lives of many people, as well as how it’s evolved over the years.

We can’t wait to see the next evolution of this iconic fighter franchise. There’s no release time frame, but we’d expect a 2016 release at earliest, if not the very end of next year.

UPDATE: Oops, looks like Capcom pulled the trailer, so we’ve replaced it with a re-upload. Expect it to be revealed over the weekend officially, though with much less excitement.

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  1. Excellent!! Look forward to hearing/seeing more.

    • The announcement is excellent, the exclusivity certainly isn’t.

      Third party exclusives are such a bad idea, especially with key franchises like Street Fighter. I wish the whole gaming community would grow up, and that publishers would stop pandering to click-baited blowhards on the IGN forums.

      • @Eldur: ?

        Awesome – grew up on Street fighter 2 on the arcades before it was released on the famicon. Although Eldur might disagree I’ve ‘grown up’ not liking the fighting genre anymore but I’ll always have a soft spot for Street Fighter and will inevitably end up getting this.

      • It’s not your enjoyment of Street Fighter that I’m objecting to, if anything I’d laud your commitment to what will hopefully be an evergreen franchise in video games.

        I just hate this bi-partisan approach to console specific releases for beloved franchises that seems to be coming to a head with this generation. Tomb Raider? Street Fighter? What next? A Wii U exclusive Grand Theft Auto?

        No other media shows this sort of approach for long. There aren’t movies you have to have a specific player to watch, or music that you can only listen to on Apple devices. It’s just so evocative of the dumb, schoolyard ‘my console’s better than yours’ rhetoric that’s dogged video game culture for far too long now.

  2. Hopefully us xbox owners will get the inevitable Super Hyper Turbo edition.

    • … & the 20 other editions that follow that after ‘the last one is the last one’! ;)

  3. I’m not even exaggerating here but I used to go in the arcades on the way home from school and watch people play SF2 nearly every day & nearly every week without fail the SF machine had been updated to a different version…

    Hyper… Turbo… Hyper#2… Turbo#2… Hyper Turbo Edition…
    Championship Edition… World Edition… Champion Hyper Edition…

    ULTRA TURBO MAXIMUM FUCK PIG Edition! There were bloody hundreds!

    I used to like the game but doubt I’ll pick a copy up as I was shite at it.
    The fact I remember the first Street Fighter with rubber pads to bash is worrying.

    • ULTRA TURBO MAXIMUM FUCK PIG Edition just made my day.

      • Here it is in Japanese… Apparently.


        Pronounced = Urutoratābo saidai no fuckpig-ban

      • “no fuckpig-ban” I can’t see why there would be a ban on f*cking pigs to be honest. That would be my weekends ruined if I lived in Japan.

    • I remember having Street Fighter II: Special Championship Edition on the MegaDrive. It cost a cool £60.00….for a MegaDrive game. Let that sink in. :O

      • I had it on the Amiga. I’m pretty sure It was on 3 or 4 floppy discs.

      • which reminds me of when snes sf2 world warriors was out in dixons – i paid 64 smackers for that, it was pal version and had big ass borders,,,, oh well those were the days! ;)p

      • I remember standing in Currys with my mum pointing to the £60 copy of SF2:SCE and shouting “how much??!?!”

        A bloke over heard and came over and said “can’t help over hearing, but you ought to try this new shop that’s opened called ‘Game’ at the other end of the shopping centre. It’s £40 in there”.

        Loved that game. Had the extra memory built into the cartridge.

        I’m so old :(

  4. I had street fighter 2 turbo. SNES version. Came in a tin. It cost £99.99.

    Let that sink in.

    PS4 exclusive. Get in!! :-)))

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