A New King’s Quest Is Releasing In Autumn 2015


In all the news madness of the last couple of days a new trailer was released for King’s Quest, which sees the historic series return in Autumn 2015. While the trailer ends with just the PS3 and PS4 logos the game is also set for PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 at the same time as Sony’s consoles. The aesthetic of this King’s Quest does look very nice, and seeing how the series translates to a more modern generation is something to look forward to.


The trailer does show the gameplay from sneaking through dangerous areas, climbing and facing off with a rather angry blue dragon. I like the look of it and look forward to seeing what The Odd Gentleman and Sierra have in store.

Source: Youtube


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  1. That looks pretty cool, I’ve never played King’s Quest before though. Weren’t they point and click? This looks like an action platformer, which is right down my alley.

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