New Legend Of Zelda Footage Shown And Narrated By Miyamoto

Real horses don't run into trees.

Though he wasn’t present at the video games award show last night, Shigeru Miyamoto made an appearance via a video that saw him narrating and showing off new footage for the Legend of Zelda game that’s coming to Wii U next year.

Miyamoto took the time to give us a look at just how huge the world is, as well as a few details on how the Wii U’s controller will assist in navigation. In the video, Link can be seen exploring high peeks to get a good perspective of his surrounding environment, riding his trusty steed, and even partaking in a bit of combat before jumping off his mount to engage his foes with a bit of slow motion gameplay.

We still don’t have a firm release date but Miyamoto did reiterate that it would be launching in 2015.

Source: YouTube


  1. That looks truly wonderful, and means that the reveal-trailer from E3 could well have been actual gameplay shown with a cinematic camera.

    • They are certainly getting a lot of juice out of the WiiU.

      It’s such a shame that Nintendo have got so much right with this console and it is the one that struggles. After the quality of the Mario titles I was thinking that a new Zelda game would blow my mind. This one looks amazing. A new Metroid and F-Zero would be nice too.

  2. Looks amazing, though some big fps drops in places for seemingly no reason, I’m sure they’ll sort it out. It reminds me I must play my copy of Skyward Sword…

    • There’s basically a year left of development, and the majority of polish and such is done in the last part of development. There’s a reason they’re showing it off-cam and being very selective of what they’re showing. :-)

      Epona looks a lot like Agro from Shadow of The Colossus. In a good way.

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