Ultra Street Fighter IV ComingTo PS4, Street Fighter V Confirmed As Exclusive

Sony’s Adam Boyes has decided to make some announcements tonight on the stage at PlayStation Experience, and one of those is that Ultra Street Fighter IV is coming to the PS4 in 2015, and it will include all the DLC that has been released for the game prior. The trailer gives a glimpse at how it will look on PS4.


Now, Street Fighter V. Adam Boyes made a crack about people expecting another Street Fighter getting announced, and now it is confirmed that the game is coming to PS4 as a console exclusive, while also coming to PC. That’s not all as there will be cross platform play between PS4 and PC. Adam Boyes also confirmed that PS4 is the only console Street Fighter V will ever be released on, so unlucky Xbox owners.

Source: PlayStation Experience



  1. That must have cost Sony a lot. Still xbox will get a version eventually I expect.

    • they did say the only console you’ll ever see it on was Playstation.

      but that doesn’t mean that other consoles can’t get SF 5 Ultra. ^_^

      • Yeah that’s what I’m expecting. SF4 had Super, arcade and finally Ultra after all.

    • Sony are helping to fund development I believe. If that’s the case, this won’t ever be on Xbox, be it the core game, or Ultra, Super etc.

      • Source?

      • Logic. They said they are co-developing it together on stage, and that it is the only CONSOLE it will ever appear on. We can all be obtuse, but that hints that they are helpng fund development at least partially. This also fits in with what Ono was saying last year, that they don’t have the funds to make Street Fighter V (he said this on Twitter, quick Google will find you that). So yeah, Sony are partially funding it most likely, otherwise it’d be timed like Tomb Raider if it was a pure money hat – which it isn’t.

      • Tomb Raider is part funded. Same situation. Super Street Fighter 5 for xboxone a year later I’d put money on it.

      • No it isn’t. With Tomb Raider MS are paying for the marketing side of things, as you’d expect with it being a timed exclusive for their system, but with SFV Sony are co-developing – in their words. Which would imply they are funding development directly. I thought Adam Boyes was clear enough when he said it would never appear on another console to be honest.

        I do suppose though they should come out one last time and just outright say all of the details. Whether they are definitely funding development, whether any iteration of SFV will never appear on other consoles. It’s best to clear the air, otherwise we’ll have another Tomb Raider – where it took about two weeks worth of PR bullshit in order for them to finally confess to it being timed.

  2. i still don’t agree with third party exclusives, but maybe the cross play thing was a factor in the decision to make it exclusive.

    sucks for fans who own an Xbox though.

    • yea same for playstation dans with regards to Tomb Raider.

  3. Where’s all the “this is anti-gamer” rage al la Rise of the Tomb Raider?

    • As discussed, Street Fighter V may not have existed without Sony – Ono said last year funds were dire and Capcom are doing pretty shit on a whole. Square Enix aren’t doing anywhere near as bad. Also, the game was announced for BOTH PS4 and X1 initially, and then months later they take it back and announce it as exclusive. They didn’t do that here. I know which case I’d be more annoyed with, being told it’s coming to my platform of choice only for it to be taken away.

      Both incomparable situations in my opinion.

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